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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
There are always things one remembers after an adventure.
I haven't taken a solo holiday in what must be ages... I stopped wanting / needing to go out on a trip by myself!!

But here I am - back from Hyderabad.. on a part working / part holiday kind of trip. The fact that I spent some time with 2 close friends - Johnny & Ash(a) helped a great deal.
The company was great ,  the food was amazing, the history  was enlightening... all in all a trip to remember & cherish!!

Here are some moments...
John & I
With Johnny under the arches at the Charminar - indeed very lucky to get upstairs!

The desperate and the bored
The Bored and the Desperate aka BAD

Asha and Me
Asha & I at the Golconda fort - before the long walk up!

Rain is a coming

dance lets the hair down... unless that is.. you are bald like me

Salsa Extreme!!
Salsa ignition!!

More Bangles
Selecting Bangles for the Missus and the Momma!

The charminar
The 4 minarets... easy to recognize!!

sky view
Home sweet home - here I come!

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The reality debate!!

Friday, July 24, 2009
Watched the news hour debate on TIMES NOW and there was but one thought that came to mind here.
WHY, this controversy?
Moment of truth...
Can't we take things in the spirit of the game?
We watch rudeness on ROADIES.
We ooh and aah at  INSECT EATING on that jungle show.
We revel in this muck (so called).

I watch the SOAPs as well as the SACH KA SAAMA serial with my wife.
The one thing that comes to mind is the hyprocrisy on the SOAPs... and at least a semblance of sanity on this show.

We are mature individuals and if it was just hoopla then the buzz would fade.
Here, we understand that those participants are human - they have also gone though a fair amount of crap in their lives. If they're willing to talk about it - then so be it. Nobody is forcing anyone to watch the show.

And hey - tune in to FTV at 10:30 PM - they show MIDNIGHT HOT! That however, is not deemed provocative. Channels show a woman being molested in public in the streets of Patna - that is not offensive.

Why single out anyone - just because they refuse to toe the lines of the poiticos?
In fact I say - put Mr. Farooqi on the show and then we see what skeletons come tumbling out....
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Dance with the devil!

Thursday, July 23, 2009
The eternal fight
I thought this would be a good way to represent the eternal struggle between Good & Evil. We've said for too long that Good is white and Evil is Black. Thought I'd change the equation somewhat!!
Red represents blood - all lifeforce within it.
The tendrils of red - the human body - ME!
I strain to overcome the blackness...!!
Dude on Demand!
I wonder if I shall succeed.
The black represents the bleakness - at the corners of my imagination
My rhythm sets in motion events that connect me with this bleakness from time to time. I need to feel that filth to comprehend the value of life.
All the sins on one side and life on the other. There are times I let go. I descend into morass that the mind revels in. This gathering of evil (as propounded by religion) is warm and inviting. It's solace for all those times when I'm alone and angry. I become hate, lust envies me, sloth is wary and I feel satiated by planning destruction and desolation!!

Those are the times I can dance with the devil... very much inside of me.

I feeelllll soooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!
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sunshine in my mind...

Thursday, July 16, 2009
One minute you're flying....
The next you're a crashed out wrcek in no-mans land. No burials ... you rot and the world leers.
No ifs, buts, whys, wherefores.... but the brutal landing (inside the mind) makes me  see sets of alternate universe.

I see a reality which remains unchanged from it's inertia of sleep-eat-work-play.
I see alternates where one little twist in the tale brings forth a life of happiness or sadness. It makes me wonder what would happen if....
One part of me realizes that I will accept my bitter medicine without showing it on the face. The other part of me wants to give it back in equal measure. Then I wonder what would happen if things were always tit for tat.... naah I don't think that would work here.

The wandering mind brings up stories and futures akin to a bollywood potboiler. It's my way of considering options and I feel that in the event of an untoward happenstance I would be able to bear it better. The hairs on my body tingle with a fear. There's also a certain resignation thrown in trying to accept the inevitability of the situation. We come into this world alone... and so shall we go (unless the lord intends otherwise).

I can't put down the exact nature of my fear here because I fear... that the matrix has eyes and ears.
It has been my deepest fear since I stepped into my first pair of jeans. It has plagued me for a decade and a half and eaten away at every thing I thought would work out. Why is it "meat" when I cook it and serve  & why is it poison if someone else serves it to me?

It's like a BLACKNESS that threatens but does not devour. The mind reacts to these threats and in its weakness accepts some to be true. This causes chemicals to flow and actions to be undertaken in the name of protecting oneself rather than what is really valuable.

Some would abhor this state of mind. I revel in it. I feel warm in this - absence of light inside a dark cave - state of mind. I allow those hitherto latent feelings to come forth and engulf me. The maelstrom breaks as the phone rings... but after talking to her.... the dark lord takes over again.
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The first Prick... is not as bad as the last!

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Needles hurt!!
Tattooing causes pain!!
it's actually like this
Being a man does not lessen that.
It's tougher since you're expected to grain and bear it.
I lost my "virginity" in the words of the gentleman at FUNKY MONKY when I got my first tattoo....
The sign!!
The first prick was the scariest - but kinda like an anticlimax!
It didn't hurt as much as the last one.
What started out as a bee sting grew to a gnawing pain at the end of 90 minutes on the chair.
All I wanted was it for it to end. I almost stopped him a couple of times when he filled in color, rubbing that needle into my arms evoking a bloody response.
It looks worthwhile after the effort and the expense... but believe you me... it was stubbornness that kept me going!!!
sharing a passion 
Sharing a tattoo with Ruchi...

My version of James Bond ... with Sups and the nomad!
James Bond revisited
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Raindrops and roses...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
The rain is on!!
So guys don't like roses too often - we still love the rain.
The pitter-patter of the drops beating down my bald head as I stand on the terrace, running like rivulets atop the face. The spectacles are off and I heave a sigh of relief as the heat dissipates. Getting a soaking from the creator beats taking a shower anyday. I look at the concrete cages around me and the people trying to break free for those few drops of manna.
I stand free...
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a long train tour

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
The last 4 days have seen some hectic activity on my part.
First there was Kanpur... then Gorakhpur...followed by Varanasi.
I'm back now!!

In the looked like a tough task
a shore too far
4th early morning train to Kanpur... followed by loads of work....
5th working SUNDAY... then the overnight train to Gorakhpur
6th manic monday in the GKP heat followed by the late night train to Varanasi.
7th rain drenched, mud filled working in Varanasi and an evening train home to Delhi.

I was lucky enough to do a bit of religious sight seeing amidst my schedule - the GORAKHNATH MANDIR in GKP and the KASHI VISHWANATH MANDIR in VAR.
Arjun on the brink 
Arjun on the banks of the Ganges
The month of SHRAVAN 
The holy Ghats

The traveling was hectic, no doubt. But then it's also something I like to do. I did my photographs from inside the train too. Got a lot of pics from the Indian heartland and thanks to some good lenses was able to do some quick zoom work. Stuff that would have been difficult to do otherwise.
clouds on the warpath
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The night train

Monday, July 06, 2009
Traveling by the Chouri ChourA express from Kanpur to Gorakhpur. Lying
covered on the top berth listening to Dev D and his quest to find
Saali Khushi

I see the couple opposite and he's in love with her. She's giving me
the look and I amused Supriya with the possibilities as she bade me
good night. It's 10:09 and we've crossed Allahabad. Outlook money is
the only magazine that Govind could find on the platform and I leave
him to read it.
Dev D has transitioned to Vivaldis four seasons and spring is here.
There's that odd feeling when i'm feeling lonesome - I miss the missus
and I feel like a long talk. So talk to the blog I shall.
I've undertaken many a train journey. However this will be the first
time that I'll be traveling on four consecutive days in four different
trains. Delhi to Kanpur to Gorakhpur to Varanasi to Delhi. But I
remember one particular trip from Delhi to Pune in the first yeAr of
my MBA. It made for excellent conversation between Mia and me. We sat
and talked all night long. Interestingly we weren't sleepy next
morning. We talked about all sorts of stuff from music to love to the
professors. It was like Billy Joel going for a walk through the
river in His dreams. It cemented our friendship for the next two
years before she married hiM and had to choose between love and
friendship. I miss some of my good friends. I wonder if they miss me
It's been a while since the MBA got done and I haven't really stayed
in touch. Might I be at fault here?
The question plays like a beaten record through the wilderness of my
mind. It's like listening to rock'n'roll in the desert- kinda lost
26 minutes since I started writing this. The girl is asleep the boy
feels like love just ain't enough. Govind has dozed off too. Husband
and wife are separated by 500 miles...

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One Picture - many stories!

Friday, July 03, 2009
Isn't that always the case... as I flashback to school..... where the English teacher gave a photograph and students were expected to write a composition / essay on the same. It's been a while since I did that. But it's never too late to start. If you've something interesting to say/add to the Picture that I write on, please do so in the comments section.
It should be interesting - comparing thoughts on a scene.
"We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done."
HW Longfellow

something you ate last night
GREENIE: Looks like I ate too much last night
ITOLDUSO : Nope I don't think you ate too much. You just ate wrong. That chicken biryaani was more like Crow 'n'rice.
SCRATCHY: Will you guys stop moaning about food.I couldn't get it on last night. She just slapped me and went off with the security guard.
ITOLDUSO :  Ok. So do you want ENO for that tummy?
GREENIE: No. Then I'll have to go.. and the loo costs a buck to operate.
SCRATCHY: You use a loo....!!! We're Indian. We do it closer to nature.
GREENIE :Guys. This banter is not helping.
SCRATCHY: Quick - get to cover and let'er ripppp!
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Guts and Brains

Thursday, July 02, 2009
Ever so rarely one comes across a well thought out experiment that begs you to think
Ok - So it also made me want to write!
This is the age old fight between the left brain and the right brain, between Spocks Logic and Kirks gut feeling.  It's been raging for time immemorial and no clear winners have emerged. It also depends on what you're looking for.

Are you looking for the "RIGHT" thing?
Are you looking to find what fits "BEST"?
Both tracks move down seemingly parallell lines... but they never meet.
The latest addition

It was much easier as a child when experience didn't cloud the GUT or BRAIN. It was so much simpler to go the RIGHT way or be wary of mommy when you knew that some mischief was at hand.

Take a walk...
We constantly tell ourselves that wrong is right and then one day the lines get blurred to the extent that our GUTS guide us wrong.

But inside of me I believe.. I know what is RIGHT and WHAT'S NOT. There's always something around to motivate me to take a middle path than the one that's right. WHY?
morning clouds.... no respite from the heat
Maybe it's the easier way out.
Maybe my brain would have me believe that there's no other way out.
.. but always, a nagging feeling in my gut, hidden deep inside... tells me what I refuse to hear.
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