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What's your value?
No - I'm not talking in terms of money. That's the easiest one to assess. I'm talking intangible stuff.... the kind that us difficult to measure with basic metrics... but the value that you crave for.

What's our value to those around you?
To your family, friends, colleagues and those you interact with on a regular basis.

Does your word count for anything at all?

Does it sound like they hear you or they listen to you?

Do they care enough to listen to you?

Are your intentions always suspect?

Are you always compared with successful people and it's no wonder they always come out ahead?

Can you do anything right(AT all)?

Is everything your fault or can blame be shared with god and nature?

ARE you loved?
... or even feel like you're being loved.

The first question was the subject of this exercise. The following eight were more specific. I don't have to put down a guide here for analyzing the quiz. If you read the pos completely and it made sense... I'm sure you have the final analysis in your head too.

The rest is upto..... well depends on your answers.... they could be right - you could be responsible for all the crap that's around!!!

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