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It's like the title says...

Offline thoughts

I've been following in my wifes footsteps.... we're experiencing mental blocks towards writing / blogging!
I've been focussed on my photography and flickr these last few weeks. It's become like a little passion to see how many views I'm getting, what pics are the most watched etc etc!!
Here's my phtostream.... 

So then my mind is off writing for now...
Or so I'd like myself to believe.

News Update : We also got our first car... It's a TATA INDIGO LX with the latest DICOR engine
Sups is thrilled... she finally has a car to call her own..... I don't drive.... never have.... so we got her her very own driver too.
The car came in courtesy Neela and her hubby Sarvottam who being where he's at... was able to get this produced for us. OFFICIALLY the model is still not in production!
I love the smel of fresh leather...

I'm starting with my OFFICIAL travels again... so this week is Jalandhar.... and next week will be Kanpur , Varanasi & Gorakhpur. Am off to HYDERABAD in end July for 3-4 days too. OOh - I like traveling - the only problem being that I have to leave the missus for that much time. I hope to meet Johnny this time and we can both swap notes on our BBERRY BOLDs!!

Now this is a success story - I converted a NON-BLACKBERRY dude to a BBERRY BELIEVER!!


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