Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Off the grid...

can you even imagine that...?
well I can't.. i tried for a bit... but then i realized that my life had become so tightly entangled with the matrix that getting out was not / is not an option.
All set
The way life has become... so networked... so connected.... so dependent on the ONLINE PERSONA.. begs me to think what life would be if I were in an unconnected location.
  1. no facebook updates
  2. no tweets to reply to
  3. no flickr to showcase "MY" talent
  4. how would i remember birthdays....
  5. no email - no work..there are some benefits too!!!
  6. no RSS... how would i track world affairs
  7. no YOUTUBE - how will i catch the latest flicks...
  8. no BLOGGER..... woah!!
  9. no fwds... no smiles
then again.. it may not be such a bad idea....

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