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Human nature, like the english language is driven by the Four emotions - assertive, interrogative, imperative & exclamatory.
The lonely boatman
Humpty dumpty sat on a wall. - Assertive
Girl married Boy. - More assertive
He had the best time of his life. - Exclamatory
Ohh! This was not the end of it. - Exclamatory
What happened thereafter? - Interrogative
Be quiet. -Imperative
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. - Assertive (well not really... )

.... you know the rest of that story

Life requires us to interact with fellow humans, canines, bovines and the like.
It’s important that our actions akin to sentences have a well defined Subject and a Predicate.

The earth revolves around the sun..... (don’t you wonder what’s the subject and what’s the predicate)
We should profit by experience.  (... another trick question)
Edison invented the phonograph. (so we’re sure that Edison is definitely not the SUBJECT)
But sometime lines get blurred and we’re not quite sure what come first - the subject or the    predicate. We’re unsure on what’s more important.

The there’s the half baked story that we live with. We don’t know everything. But we think it’s enough - kinda like a PHRASE & CLAUSE system  Phrases like Half knowledge get you nowhere. We feel something based on something else and finalize our thoughts. It’s quite like saying, “in the corner”. Our half baked thoughts drive us to a corner.  The least you can do is talk it out... figure out the CLAUSEs in life. Clauses have some head and tail to latch onto.

.. now moving on to my favorite parts of speech.... Eight varied classes - from the noun to the verb, pronoun to adverb, the adjective and the preposition and interjection preceded by a conjunction.

Every human emotion is one of these....
The Kings men tried to lift HUMPTY DUMPTY - noun
Humpty was quite large - adjective
They could not lift him - verb
Life remains where you left it - pronoun
She pronounced judgment quite rapidly - adverb
I ran fast but I was not fast enough - conjunction
playing catch up
Alas! it’s too late - interjection
There is nothing left to say - preposition
Pecker on IRON
..... who’d have thought that life would end with a preposition!!
stop smoking

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