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ATTACK ON XANADU - prologue!

Xanadu - the last federation outpost in the XYLAR galaxy.
Defended by a bunch of Federate retards... cos’ no one was else was willing to come there. They've been handpicked for their uselessness to real work.

Capt.Rockalot - trying to get things together. He muddles along and maintains that poker smile - even in the face of becoming food for a hungry enemy.

Lt.Huffelpuff - always the angry young Federate. Always the deprived / depraved child. He has yet to grow up. But he is brave.... foolhardy... and almost certain to become toast!

The Flannibals  - villains of the piece - or are they really?
Maybe they’ve just been thrown out of each galaxy they tried to live in.
Maybe it’s their live-love & eat philosophy that gets them evicted.

In any case they are also the last folks residing in the XYLAR galaxy (or at least trying to). It is hoped that the Flannibals will eat themselves out in due course of time.
Also - flannibalism is non-transferrable - so the big question - WHOM will the last FLANNIBAL eat?

For now - XANADU base is TOAST... at least if the FL** have their way with it. The electrical storm that gathers above the base heralds the end of outside communication. Will they hold out.... or become toast???

... for more action.. watch the serial on FLICKR

effing awesome! u did this? where?

i used spare foam... from when your sis was getting the dinner table seats done.....
then a lil imagination...
setup in my room on top so no one inadvertently destroy XANADU

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