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ATTACK ON XANADU 2 - Hufflepuffs Dream!!

Lt. Hufflepuff stands guard. A Flannibal attack is expected. The darkness is when they make their move. I need to be up a long long time.....
 It's the Flannibal Axibal.... the bane of many a federate's existence in the literal sense. He is here.

Then there's the spider - half flannibal - half earth arthropod.... genetic modifications have made this a larger than life danger. Like a bad nightmare - come to life.

 Under cover of darkness the surprise is complete. Death stalks the Federate crew.
The captain goes down fighting too.

"We've got that ugly brute Hufflepuff too!!!" Time for a party folks. 

"I've heard these Federates - the uglier, the tastier. I'm really hungry can we start now?"

Stanley & Goodricke... they're alive!! 
.. and I'm guessing - so is everyone else....

... for now at least. Must stop drinking early in the day... !!!

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