Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

addiction or persistence for perfection...

Indeed there’s a very thin line between the two. i call it being passionate. When I do something - i do so with all my energy and resources.

when it’s work... no thing can distract me.
when it’s party... no one can make me stop (except me).
when it’s blog.... i flow.
when it’s photography... i flickr all day & nite.
when it’s cooking... i’ll come at 11:30 and cook you a french dinner.
when it’s social networking ... i’m on facebook & twitter 24/7
when it’s stay fit... i work out like a demon.
when it’s fight... i bang first.. talk later.
when it’s injustice... i rebel.
when it’s love.. i’ll do anything for it.

some say I am a man of extremes. i say I’m a man of my passion.
some say an excess of anything is bad.... i say if you can’t feel the wind in you face and taste the salty spray from the crashing waves.. it ain’t worth it.
my passion and priorities move like the waters of the ocean... and see no reason to be constrained by man-made strictures.

you can hate me
you can love me
but you can’t ignore me...!!


ha ha. loved the pic - looks a bit like face pack, actually :)

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