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What's your value?
No - I'm not talking in terms of money. That's the easiest one to assess. I'm talking intangible stuff.... the kind that us difficult to measure with basic metrics... but the value that you crave for.

What's our value to those around you?
To your family, friends, colleagues and those you interact with on a regular basis.

Does your word count for anything at all?

Does it sound like they hear you or they listen to you?

Do they care enough to listen to you?

Are your intentions always suspect?

Are you always compared with successful people and it's no wonder they always come out ahead?

Can you do anything right(AT all)?

Is everything your fault or can blame be shared with god and nature?

ARE you loved?
... or even feel like you're being loved.

The first question was the subject of this exercise. The following eight were more specific. I don't have to put down a guide here for analyzing the quiz. If you read the pos completely and it made s…


Human nature, like the english language is driven by the Four emotions - assertive, interrogative, imperative & exclamatory.

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall. - Assertive
Girl married Boy. - More assertive
He had the best time of his life. - Exclamatory
Ohh! This was not the end of it. - Exclamatory
What happened thereafter? - Interrogative
Be quiet. -Imperative
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. - Assertive (well not really... )

.... you know the rest of that story

Life requires us to interact with fellow humans, canines, bovines and the like.
It’s important that our actions akin to sentences have a well defined Subject and a Predicate.

The earth revolves around the sun..... (don’t you wonder what’s the subject and what’s the predicate)
We should profit by experience.  (... another trick question)
Edison invented the phonograph. (so we’re sure that Edison is definitely not the SUBJECT)
But sometime lines get blurred and we’re not quite sure what come first - the subject or the    predica…

Off the grid...

can you even imagine that...?
well I can't.. i tried for a bit... but then i realized that my life had become so tightly entangled with the matrix that getting out was not / is not an option.

The way life has become... so networked... so connected.... so dependent on the ONLINE PERSONA.. begs me to think what life would be if I were in an unconnected location.
no facebook updatesno tweets to reply tono flickr to showcase "MY" talenthow would i remember email - no work..there are some benefits too!!!
no RSS... how would i track world affairsno YOUTUBE - how will i catch the latest BLOGGER..... woah!!no fwds... no smilesthen again.. it may not be such a bad idea....

Some of my fav pursuits......

MY BOOKS - always no.1

MY FILMS - viewed many a time

COOKING.... only non-veg though!! (keeps the wife happy too)

MY GLASS - fully intoxicating

DANCING - wild abandon

MY WORK - DIAGNOSING HIV - keeping the world safer!!

... and lets not forget photography and this blog!!

Offline thoughts

I've been following in my wifes footsteps.... we're experiencing mental blocks towards writing / blogging!
I've been focussed on my photography and flickr these last few weeks. It's become like a little passion to see how many views I'm getting, what pics are the most watched etc etc!!
Here's my phtostream.... 

So then my mind is off writing for now...
Or so I'd like myself to believe.

News Update : We also got our first car... It's a TATA INDIGO LX with the latest DICOR engine
Sups is thrilled... she finally has a car to call her own..... I don't drive.... never have.... so we got her her very own driver too.
The car came in courtesy Neela and her hubby Sarvottam who being where he's at... was able to get this produced for us. OFFICIALLY the model is still not in production!
I love the smel of fresh leather...

I'm starting with my OFFICIAL travels again... so this week is Jalandhar.... and next week will be Kanpur , Varanasi & Go…

ATTACK ON XANADU 2 - Hufflepuffs Dream!!

Lt. Hufflepuff stands guard. A Flannibal attack is expected. The darkness is when they make their move. I need to be up a long long time.....  It's the Flannibal Axibal.... the bane of many a federate's existence in the literal sense. He is here.
Then there's the spider - half flannibal - half earth arthropod.... genetic modifications have made this a larger than life danger. Like a bad nightmare - come to life.
 Under cover of darkness the surprise is complete. Death stalks the Federate crew. The captain goes down fighting too.
"We've got that ugly brute Hufflepuff too!!!" Time for a party folks. 
"I've heard these Federates - the uglier, the tastier. I'm really hungry can we start now?" . . .. . . . . . . . . . PHEW WHAT A DREAM!!!!
Stanley & Goodricke... they're alive!!  .. and I'm guessing - so is everyone else....
... for now at least. Must stop drinking early in the day... !!!

addiction or persistence for perfection...

Indeed there’s a very thin line between the two. i call it being passionate. When I do something - i do so with all my energy and resources.

when it’s work... no thing can distract me.
when it’s party... no one can make me stop (except me).
when it’s blog.... i flow.
when it’s photography... i flickr all day & nite.
when it’s cooking... i’ll come at 11:30 and cook you a french dinner.
when it’s social networking ... i’m on facebook & twitter 24/7
when it’s stay fit... i work out like a demon.
when it’s fight... i bang first.. talk later.
when it’s injustice... i rebel.
when it’s love.. i’ll do anything for it.

some say I am a man of extremes. i say I’m a man of my passion.
some say an excess of anything is bad.... i say if you can’t feel the wind in you face and taste the salty spray from the crashing waves.. it ain’t worth it.
my passion and priorities move like the waters of the ocean... and see no reason to be constrained by man-made strictures.

you can hate me
you can love…

ATTACK ON XANADU - prologue!

Xanadu - the last federation outpost in the XYLAR galaxy.
Defended by a bunch of Federate retards... cos’ no one was else was willing to come there. They've been handpicked for their uselessness to real work.
Capt.Rockalot - trying to get things together. He muddles along and maintains that poker smile - even in the face of becoming food for a hungry enemy.

Lt.Huffelpuff - always the angry young Federate. Always the deprived / depraved child. He has yet to grow up. But he is brave.... foolhardy... and almost certain to become toast!

The Flannibals  - villains of the piece - or are they really?
Maybe they’ve just been thrown out of each galaxy they tried to live in.
Maybe it’s their live-love & eat philosophy that gets them evicted.

In any case they are also the last folks residing in the XYLAR galaxy (or at least trying to). It is hoped that the Flannibals will eat themselves out in due course of time.
Also - flannibalism is non-transferrable - so the big question - WHOM will t…