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Tuesday Twitters!!!

I've been scanning the twitterverse for signs on a tuesday.
ThoughtI'd Put across some of the messages with TUESDAY in'em.

Carolyncairns Morning all - wondering what joys this tuesday will bring us all...

bluepotion @nareshk What's wrong with a haircut on Tuesday? :-o

AtHomeSullivan Happy Tuesday - Today's tip 

thepenguinrocks is playing: "Tuesday" by Trey Anastasio on

nickemmett How's everyone doing? Tuesday arrives and it's still raining Up Norf! Danny Elfman's Terminator Salvation playing right now. Very Cool!

FaridabadMetro [Faridabad News] Water Shortage in Ballabhgarh: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 1:57 PM Ballabhgarh, an important town in Fari...

the_shaz Being reprimanded... *sigh* Is it possible for the Monday blues to spill over on a Tuesday?

blucanary @stuart_manning only on a Tuesday and by the time I'd worked out all the good stuff had gone, so had a croissant... that's not good is it?

WollemiPine @LiliCosic Odd that it's a Tuesday. Mowing is usually a weekend job, isn't it?

mehulved @ideasmithy on a tuesday?

Alybean Battery low.ironing pile slowly getting smaller.Tweet later.#tedious task Tuesday

VarianDavid Dammit...gotta get the new Eminem, Red and Mef and Busta...all this tuesday?...dammit!!!

cormac_oc Had a busy monday, i think i'm entitled to a lazy tuesday.

KiwiRo_D_Ro Tuesday evening... pack my bags, I'm heading out the door I left a box of memories lying on the floor

(I like this last tweet the best.... kinda says it all) 


i like the last one the mostest

Me too...I too liked the lastest one the mostest :)

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