Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Take a look around!!

every time I hear those words..... brings forward the song from LIMP BIZKIT

all the tension in the world today
all the little girls fillin up the world today
when the good comes to bad the bad comes to good
but im a live my life like i should (like i should)
now all the critics wanna hit it
shit can ever did it
just because they dont get it
but ill stay fitted
knew there commited 

nope - i'm not feeling the least bit philosophical.... just skanky.... it's that weird IN LIMBO feeling that leaves you neither here nor there. It's a tightness around your chest... that you can feel but cannot explain.

so what you wanna do
and where you gonna run

There's so much yet to be achieved... but then you come to a crossroad and take a look around.
Here or there... or vice versa.... confusion strikes silently , confusion strikes deep.
This is an outpouring, a catharsis if you may - which threatens to engulf and overwhelm. Sanity is lost and reason is on the ebb as the mind swiftly wanders and contemplates the crossroads.. taking a look around!

so don't be upset

when your broke
and your done
cuz im a be the one til i jet

That's been my way of living life... cos' no matter what... I never break...

i analyze every second i exist
beatin on my mind every second with my fists
and everybody wanna run
everybody wanna hide from the gun 
you can take a ride through this life if you want
but you cant take the edge off the knife (no sir)

some knives are made different.. put them in the scabbard and it's safe. Take them out and they must draw blood...

now i know why you wanna hate me
cause hate is all the world has even seen lately  

Luckily I'm still .. taking a look around


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