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So we were out Saturday night.... on a whim and a fancy.... thought we'd go clubbing - it's been a while now.Started out at this place in Defence COlony above Moets... I forget the name - but it was something about a STONE!
Met some interesting young ladies... (for the first time) .... and had Sups giving me the long distance.... " watch out buster" look!!
I was on my very best prim and proper behavior....
Chetna & Mahima.... making a point!
Sudhanshu & Sups share a conspirational whisper.... i capture the moment as Rachita is sandwiched!!
It's been a long long time since we went clubbing - it's like the concept has gone out of fashion. SUps had been insisting on it for a bit - so I took the initiative and we headed out to CAPITOL at the ASHOKA. To be honest nothing has changed about the party scene in the last year and a half. The DJs are still confused about the music and the junta in Delhi throws arms and legs around in the hope for a Punjabi Bhangra number (all the time).
This time around - we saw a couple of 45+ uncle types with teenyboppers on their arms. Not very difficult to guess that this was the paid help. So as one of the young ladies finished her gyrations and sat next to sups - I put in a word to Sups (whisper) - " have you ever sat next to a lady of the night?" She said NOPE and then i clarified to to the young lady sitting with her. You should have seen her jump - i wish i could have clicked a pic.... unfortunately wasn't carrying a camera.
I'm not trying to make a moral / immoral point here. But there is something to it. If I hadn't told her about it - maybe she wouldnt have guessed. Now that she knew it - her viewpoint changed and while the lady hadn't said/done /hoped to do anything to her... age old bias' came forward.
I try in my life not to be biased, prejudiced & religiously discriminatory - but I am.

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