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Neighborhood politics and all that!!

This is inspired by a post i read on the online version of the DNA.

I'm an Indian. So are most of my readers.
Most of us have kept away from neighborhood politics.
This (my) current post is being written - straight from the heart - as I feel... so If you think it's offensive - don't read on..!

But I  have this certain disdain for our NEIGHBOURs across the border. Not all of them mind you
  • I don't believe that the Pakistanis amount for much.. actually anything at all!!
  • The only thing that I see worth a watch about Pakistan are their skills in Dramatics, Hockey and Cricket
  • Can you imagine your honeymoon in Pakistan or Bangladesh??? Nope
  • The Bangladeshis as I see them are only good for crossing the border into India and setting up fake VOTER IDs, running rickshaws and spolining our figures for population density.
  • The BANGLADESHIs & NEPALIs are the ones you'd find as a maximum in the flesh trade business.
  • We gave the BANGLADESHIs their freedom... yet they despise us... let's just block the Ganges...and see what they can do.
  • The SRI LANKANs are the most sober of the bunch - when we talk neighbors they at least exhibit some softness. Their problem is the LTTE.. a tiger that we Indians were/are responsible for. We started hunting the tiger in earnest only after it bit us.... Here's the neighbor we need to actually assist.
  • The NEPALIs are good for gurkha guards and lil else. They had a decently running country and then they went ahead and wrecked the system. Now live with Prachanda and suffer pseudo -communism
  • The MALDIVES.... don't say much...never get bothered... i remember when my father made the first journey there on a FRIENDLY mission.
We Indians are not always to blame. Yes we're the bigger country...and the richer ones too. Let's not be talking about a level plaing field. The playing field is never level. Just as wars are never fought amongst equals.
We don't have it easy either. We get bullied at several levels by countries bigger than us - the Americans and the Russians have used us as well. Yet we crib and plod on. We don't sit on judgment and refuse to talk to a tourist who talks in German/ Russian what have you. We try to make a conversation. We learn from those who are better off and then better that.
India has a naxalite issue - bigger than most countries can handle - but we don't make it a showstopper.

We don't like others interfering in our business - but they do. 

I really know what i'd do with Pakistan.... get INDIA to stand up and pee on them... the darned nation would be under 7 ft of it!! 
So if they cannot win a pissing contest with us.....

really nice article I really know what i'd do with Pakistan.... get INDIA to stand up and pee on them... the darned nation would be under 7 ft of it!!

and I agree wid most of it!!
nice blog

thanks Rahul.....
we (I mean most of us) always believe that being nationalist = extremist or religious fanatics....

That is a perception we need to change.

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