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One pizza and a few whiskies down, sitting at home with the headphones in my ear (loud blaring music)  and the MAC shining bright in front of me. The TV is playing a SAAS - BAHU serial being watched enthusiastically by my pretty wife. She has a bib on as she labors in the kitchen and in the process of chopping a hardened carrot has done her share of damage to “MY” machinery. I begrudge her not... other than putting it as an also happened incident in our life on this blog. She has something that many of us are missing in life - enthusiasm!!

It’s the one word... among a few others that drives life to excel.

Things that make me tick.... with ENTHU(siasm)

  • reckless dancing to the weirdest of numbers.... (drives SUPS nuts with laughter)
  • my heavy singing with energy in the bathroom or with headphones - so I can’t hear myself
  • my camera (i see a story in everything I shoot)
  • my blog (i share my story)
  • other enthusiastic folks (it is contagious)
  • my dad’s cooking (could awaken the dead for that “LAST “ meal)
  • my wife’s thrill for life (I did something good to deserve her)
  • Govinda flicks ... some of them at least (no brains required)
  • pals like Vishal, John , Gautam, Shyamal & Neela (the company you keep determines you...)
  • the ability to do things on the fly without worrying about the consequences... I know I can manage them... too much planning reduces life to numbers and makes it so boring.
  • all the folks I interact with everyday - some pure genius’ , some pure idiots who drive me down to their level and then beat me with sheer experience (it takes all kinds to run this world)

Murphys law acts up from time to time.. but MAHAJAN’s law of enthusiastic living always counterbalances...

The one thing that drives me forward always is that enthusiasm & zest which may vary in it’s intensity from a minute to minute.... but never goes down below the threshold that I have set for it.
... if it did - life wouldn’t be worth living... & loving it!

Remember the enthusiasm when I make you change the blades in YOUR processor :P

you broke the blades..... :-(

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