Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Life or Death...

he is young
he has killed many
he planned the killings - not in a fit of rage

he is unrepentant
he is Kasab!

Does he deserve life or death?

I suspect my individual opinion does not count for much here. The legal system in this country and other political considerations will decide on that. Me - just the human face - one of many...

Folks like me were the victims of this young man's killing spree. His friends were killed. He survived and lives to ask for perfume and freedom.

We - INDIANs - have almost forgotten this tragedy and the entire drama is now relegated to the back pages of unread newspapers. I sense the DARK ONE is winning.... if only I had the opportunity to enforce justice - as it rightfully should. We haven't gained anything by keeping him alive thus far - apart from being labelled as a NOBLE and soft state. What crappy times to live in....

PS : even if he gets a life sentence.... I trust to an honest criminal to serve him with justice... so then we're all off the hook!!

i read a story in which a lawyer fought brilliantly for the freedom for a person just like this; and after he was released, arranged for some SAS guys to terminate him with extreme prejudice.

Pretty filmy, but will make a good story.

Why talk only of Kasab? What about all those people in Gujarat riots who carried swords and killed others only because of religion? They are no less than Kasab

ok - but this one is for KASAB.. so let's stay focussed....

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