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The IPL void!!

The IPL will end tonight.
My life will be a cricketless void again.... till the T20 WCUP in England.

Wifey will have her hold on the telly again and I shall be consigned to watching saas-bahu serials without cribbing - cos' she so sweetly gave up that remote for the last month!

Still a few hours to go for the finale.. let's hope it goes as I have planned. Biryaani, beer, cricket, Kats and a hopeful RCB win!

I've got this status Update on FB where I've got my friends choosing their side and putting in their predictions for the match.... here're some of the updates

Arjun Mahajan: 2 hours to go for the match... predictions anyone?

Lalith Girilal: deccan charge into the wall... bangalore wins

Arjun Mahajan: i'm with you bro.... all for KAT & RCB

Priyanka Ghosh: deccan! I don't like RCB.

Arjun Mahajan: lets see Pri!

Aditya Sanyal: Hyderabad give bengalooroo the blues

Abinash Chopdar: One more addition...Royals... all the way

Aditya Sanyal: although KAT can be ogled at... who's stopping me? :P gilly rocks!

Arjun Mahajan: hey ... supporters of Deccan are not entitled to any KAT ogling

Priyanka Ghosh: since when? whats with the bangalore connection and KAT? :p

Aditya Sanyal: i get my mischief gals and kat :P nyah nyah

Arjun Mahajan: she's their LUCKY mascot.... use DECCAN ki nazar na lage!!

Priyanka Ghosh: lag jayegiii nazar deccan ki! too much of RCB support around. wait and watch hahah!

.... let's wait & watch....

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