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It's like the title says...

How well do you know me???

Not well.... well mostly!

OK - So I setup this lil quiz on Facebook that asked the EXAMINEES.. a few questions about mahself!
9 questions was all there was to it.

Most folks got the  1 SITTER correct.
TOP SCORE till date : 66% (My sister from LA)
BOTTOMED out SCORE : 11% ( My best friend Vishal)

LOWER MIDDLE OF THE ROAD SCORE : The missus... 22% ( My wife from right here)

I'm reproducing the quiz here.. with my own kind permission (giggles)

1)       My favorite drink is ________. Are we drinking buddies or what!!
a)      Jack Daniels & Coke
b)      ABsolut with Tonic
c)      Tequila shots
d)      Glenfiddich on the rocks

2)      How old was I when I went on my first date? Now this one is classified - so try your luck
a)      10
b)      11
c)      13
d)      14
e)      16

3)      At a party, what would I definitely be doing? i could be doing 3 of these things... but most likely to be doing what i do best
a)      Guzzling booze
b)      Playing papparazzi
c)      entertaining the women
d)      Singing

4)      What city was I born in? OK - so you gotta know me to get this one
a)      Mumbai
b)      Delhi
c)      Chandigarh
d)      Dharamsala
e)      Ludhiana

5)      I am most happiest when ________?
a)      Playing games on the PC
b)      Cuddling up with her
c)      I'm all alone with my camera and a subject
d)      I have a new gadget to play with
e)      ... I'm always happy

6)      What would be the perfect present for me?
a)      a brand new BMW
b)      a brand new shiny camera lens....
c)      keys to the garden of eden
d)      a vacation in Las Vegas
e)      all of the above

7)      What song would I choose to sing at a karaoke bar? Not that I sing much
a)      Leaving on a jet Plane
b)      Jamaica Farewell - Harry Belafonte
c)      18 till I die - Bryan Adams
d)      Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Harry Belafonte
e)      Me sing.....eeks!!

8)      What color suits me best?
a)      Black
b)      Brown
c)      Blue
d)      Pink
e)      Red

9)      What is my favourite city to live in? I rant about this - on and on - and if you know me - this is the sitter
a)      Delhi
b)      Mumbai
c)      Pune
d)      Chandigrah
e)      Bangalore

Ok.. so the point I'm trying to make is that when this quiz is DONE on FB... you'll know me just that little bit better. I'm all for it... go on - login to FB and take this quiz. Then create your own and send it to me. It's a small world and not enough time to ask all the question face to face. We have to outsource to FB and social networking sometimes.

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