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Getting Twittery!

So I finally discovered Twitter...(dats me on Twitter)
It's quite the addictive thing. But it's not easy keeping up with the pace. It also involves constant attention to be paid to those who're following me and to those I've decided to follow.

I twitter from my Blackberry, from my Mac.. and I guess from wherever else i could. They say that discovering TWITTER is like a revelation - but the rapture fades when you can't keep track of the information flowing across that channel. So much information - never enough time. It's also quite distracting when I'm trying to get some work done.
There are folks who TWITTER all day and nite.. I wonder when they sleep!!
But they're an information hive and we're not far from the day when  TWITTER could move up the value chain as an instant news provider.

I've been following the antics of some really interesting folks on TWITTER - from Ashton Kutscher to Zaibatsu.... from Barack O to Rahul Gandhi... they're all there! Then of course there's Preity Zinta, lara Datta, Gul Panag amongst the starlets from Bollywood.....  some of them are intelligent enough to follow!

It's good entertainment value - if nothing else!
So c'mon over and follow me too

Lol!! Nice sales pitch Arjun.

I'll tell you this out of experience. While my personal twitter having over 200 tweets has only 30 odd followers, my other acc. that has less than 20 tweets grows at an unbelievable 10 followers a day.

Yet to figure out the logic to it.

Thanks J!!

Wasn't really intended to be a sales pitch.. but what the heck... twitterverse is expanding... and one shouldn't miss out on the experience.

I've mixed up my tweet feeds.... and though it's not easy keeping pace... I enjoy it whenever I'm around!

hopelessly so.

oh wow, I am finally connected to Supriya's husband after some 5 years of knowing who he is. :)

yep... supriyas husband...dats me!!!
5 years.... wow.... we've been married for 2!

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