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Evaluating Greatness!

A great man, it has truly been remarked, is the product of his age, the reflex of the energies of his time, the embodiment of the forces of his epoch. A great man is such as his age makes him, but he is something more....

He is like that system which gives a greater return on the investment. He takes the input applied, multiplies it and comes out with something special. This embellished gift that he gives back to the world at large is what makes him that beacon of greatness.

History is biased. It does not always do justice to greatness. It has it’s own parameters laid down by society that filter vision and allow a view in a binary color combination - Black or white. Why do we not view great personalities without this filter - as human beings?

This is the question that runs through my mind... I’m still searching for that elusive answer.

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