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Beating the heat!!

I've been looking for ideas to beat the heat.
The DELHI SUMMER is getting to me (finally). I guess that's what happens when you step out of the AC cooled Ivory tower and decide to meet your customers. I should kick myself for being the "hero" types - even to attempt it!

Here are some of my ideas.. that come readily to my mind!
  • drink water... but not too much.. (it's difficult to control the bladder thereafter)
  • drink beer and lime water... body can hold more of these as compared to water
  • eat tons of ice cream (i'll get on that treadmill in the monsoons)
  • wear an umbrella
  • carry a portable AC - like in the space suits for the astronauts
  • use sunscreen (wonder if it works), avoid moisturizers
  • make your own AC by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan and letting it blow on you
  • eat out - don't get into that oven hot kitchen
  • change that seat to under the AC Vent... convince the ADMIN folks that it's good for morale\
  • wear light colors... (with the necessary underclothing of course)
  • park thy car in an area of shade. ( you might otherwise burn up on re-entry)
  • get out of the city... and head to the himalayas
I like the beer, ice cream and himalayan options best... wonder which one to start with!!

I scream, we scream we all scream for ice scream :P

Otherwise chilled watermelojn is also a great idea and so is thanda thanda aam panna

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