Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

As if One wasn't enough!!

My wife says I am TOTALLY NUTs!
Just imagine if there were 2 of the same...
Well - I gave it some thought and decided to experiment some. The EVIL doctor helped somewhat and now there's me and some more ME...
We even tried having a conversation - but it is quite difficult (speaking to oneself is considered IDIOCY in some cultures) since I already know  what I'm going reply.
It's like playing chess with myself. How interesting is that.

The only difference is that I now have 2 votes instead of 1 in household matters...,... so I get to double the work!!!

arjun what was that? narcissism really!

nope - not narcissism... though I do love ME!!!
Just an attempt to understand if there were 2 of me...

Double the work and double paying the bills too since there are now 3 allegedly in our house :P

yep - we have 3.... but the third one is hidden away. He is secretly emptying the larder as we speak!!

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