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Name-a-car contest!!

So folks we're gettin' our own 4 wheeled transportation this week.... it's a TATA INDIGO!
Our first one at that.

The pleasure is almost like.... well what can I say..

Now comes the tough part - choosing a name.
Like all new borns - she too needs to be named.

SO WE'D like some help from you - our BLOG FRIENDS to please suggest suitable/ not so suitable names......

Dinner is on me ... for the giver of the WINNING name!!

The best 3 BREAKUP WORDS....

So I've been checking on this trending topic on TWITTER titled #3breakupwords
I went through tons of input to arrive at my "TOP FEW"

keka_ontherocks#3breakupwords "enough is enough!"
suryak#3breakupwords: ctrl + Alt + Del
EmsbabeeIt's definitely you #3breakupwords
TryAjakok#3breakupwords please marry me...
GiselleRuskin#3breakupwords Your dad's hot
AirunPoonWE ARE RELATED!! #3breakupwords
Jah_RastaYou don't cook #3breakupwords
DrGreenthumbs#3breakupwords You remind me...
Faahz#3breakupwords wow she's cute
StiligeCecilie#3breakupwords Facebook status: single
K__DuBB#3breakupwords dont follow me

JennaMadison@BabyMikey74#3breakupwords Your brother's better :p
mutster101it's too small #3breakupwords
VersastyleV#3breakupwords found someone better
loboastuto#3breakupwords who are you?
Karilo13#3breakupwords I Am Gay

jeepcruising#3breakupwords 'lets' be friends'

Feel free to add yours in the comments

The IPL void!!

The IPL will end tonight.
My life will be a cricketless void again.... till the T20 WCUP in England.

Wifey will have her hold on the telly again and I shall be consigned to watching saas-bahu serials without cribbing - cos' she so sweetly gave up that remote for the last month!

Still a few hours to go for the finale.. let's hope it goes as I have planned. Biryaani, beer, cricket, Kats and a hopeful RCB win!

I've got this status Update on FB where I've got my friends choosing their side and putting in their predictions for the match.... here're some of the updates

Arjun Mahajan: 2 hours to go for the match... predictions anyone?

Lalith Girilal: deccan charge into the wall... bangalore wins

Arjun Mahajan: i'm with you bro.... all for KAT & RCB

Priyanka Ghosh: deccan! I don't like RCB.

Arjun Mahajan: lets see Pri!

Aditya Sanyal: Hyderabad give bengalooroo the blues

Abinash Chopdar: One more addition...Royals... all the way

Aditya Sanyal: although KAT can b…

One drop

One drop that says it all....
one drop that reflects the world around me..
one drop that holds true to color while the world around me pales in comparison
one drop that gives me hope in world of darkness.

... my light at the end of the tunnel!!

How well do you know me???

Not well.... well mostly!

OK - So I setup this lil quiz on Facebook that asked the EXAMINEES.. a few questions about mahself!
9 questions was all there was to it.

Most folks got the  1 SITTER correct.
TOP SCORE till date : 66% (My sister from LA)
BOTTOMED out SCORE : 11% ( My best friend Vishal)

LOWER MIDDLE OF THE ROAD SCORE : The missus... 22% ( My wife from right here)

I'm reproducing the quiz here.. with my own kind permission (giggles)

1)       My favorite drink is ________. Are we drinking buddies or what!!
a)      Jack Daniels & Coke
b)      ABsolut with Tonic
c)      Tequila shots
d)      Glenfiddich on the rocks

2)      How old was I when I went on my first date? Now this one is classified - so try your luck
a)      10
b)      11
c)      13
d)      14
e)      16

3)      At a party, what would I definitely be doing? i could be doing 3 of these things... but most likely to be doing what i do best
a)      Guzzling booze
b)      Playing papparazzi
c)      entertaining the w…

Evaluating Greatness!

A great man, it has truly been remarked, is the product of his age, the reflex of the energies of his time, the embodiment of the forces of his epoch. A great man is such as his age makes him, but he is something more....

He is like that system which gives a greater return on the investment. He takes the input applied, multiplies it and comes out with something special. This embellished gift that he gives back to the world at large is what makes him that beacon of greatness.

History is biased. It does not always do justice to greatness. It has it’s own parameters laid down by society that filter vision and allow a view in a binary color combination - Black or white. Why do we not view great personalities without this filter - as human beings?

This is the question that runs through my mind... I’m still searching for that elusive answer.

Tuesday Twitters!!!

I've been scanning the twitterverse for signs on a tuesday.
ThoughtI'd Put across some of the messages with TUESDAY in'em.

CarolyncairnsMorning all - wondering what joys this tuesday will bring us all...

bluepotion@nareshk What's wrong with a haircut on Tuesday? :-o

AtHomeSullivanHappy Tuesday - Today's tip

thepenguinrocksis playing: "Tuesday" by Trey Anastasio on

nickemmettHow's everyone doing? Tuesday arrives and it's still raining Up Norf! Danny Elfman's Terminator Salvation playing right now. Very Cool!

FaridabadMetro[Faridabad News] Water Shortage in Ballabhgarh: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 1:57 PM Ballabhgarh, an important town in Fari...

the_shazBeing reprimanded... *sigh* Is it possible for the Monday blues to spill over on a Tuesday?

blucanary@stuart_manning only on a Tuesday and by the time I'd worked out all the good stuff had gone, so had a croissant... that's not good i…

Life or Death...

he is young
he has killed many
he planned the killings - not in a fit of rage

he is unrepentant
he is Kasab!

Does he deserve life or death?

I suspect my individual opinion does not count for much here. The legal system in this country and other political considerations will decide on that. Me - just the human face - one of many...

Folks like me were the victims of this young man's killing spree. His friends were killed. He survived and lives to ask for perfume and freedom.

We - INDIANs - have almost forgotten this tragedy and the entire drama is now relegated to the back pages of unread newspapers. I sense the DARK ONE is winning.... if only I had the opportunity to enforce justice - as it rightfully should. We haven't gained anything by keeping him alive thus far - apart from being labelled as a NOBLE and soft state. What crappy times to live in....

PS : even if he gets a life sentence.... I trust to an honest criminal to serve him with justice... so then we're all off the …

As if One wasn't enough!!

My wife says I am TOTALLY NUTs!
Just imagine if there were 2 of the same...
Well - I gave it some thought and decided to experiment some. The EVIL doctor helped somewhat and now there's me and some more ME...
We even tried having a conversation - but it is quite difficult (speaking to oneself is considered IDIOCY in some cultures) since I already know  what I'm going reply.
It's like playing chess with myself. How interesting is that.

The only difference is that I now have 2 votes instead of 1 in household matters...,... so I get to double the work!!!

Beating the heat!!

I've been looking for ideas to beat the heat.
The DELHI SUMMER is getting to me (finally). I guess that's what happens when you step out of the AC cooled Ivory tower and decide to meet your customers. I should kick myself for being the "hero" types - even to attempt it!

Here are some of my ideas.. that come readily to my mind!
drink water... but not too much.. (it's difficult to control the bladder thereafter)drink beer and lime water... body can hold more of these as compared to watereat tons of ice cream (i'll get on that treadmill in the monsoons)wear an umbrellacarry a portable AC - like in the space suits for the astronautsuse sunscreen (wonder if it works), avoid moisturizers
make your own AC by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan and letting it blow on youeat out - don't get into that oven hot kitchen
change that seat to under the AC Vent... convince the ADMIN folks that it's good for morale\wear light colors... (with the necessary underclot…

Neighborhood politics and all that!!

This is inspired by a post i read on the online version of the DNA.

I'm an Indian. So are most of my readers.
Most of us have kept away from neighborhood politics.
This (my) current post is being written - straight from the heart - as I feel... so If you think it's offensive - don't read on..!

But I  have this certain disdain for our NEIGHBOURs across the border. Not all of them mind you
I don't believe that the Pakistanis amount for much.. actually anything at all!!
The only thing that I see worth a watch about Pakistan are their skills in Dramatics, Hockey and CricketCan you imagine your honeymoon in Pakistan or Bangladesh??? Nope
The Bangladeshis as I see them are only good for crossing the border into India and setting up fake VOTER IDs, running rickshaws and spolining our figures for population density.
The BANGLADESHIs & NEPALIs are the ones you'd find as a maximum in the flesh trade business.We gave the BANGLADESHIs their freedom... yet they despise us... l…

Party it up!

So we were out Saturday night.... on a whim and a fancy.... thought we'd go clubbing - it's been a while now.Started out at this place in Defence COlony above Moets... I forget the name - but it was something about a STONE!
Met some interesting young ladies... (for the first time) .... and had Sups giving me the long distance.... " watch out buster" look!!
I was on my very best prim and proper behavior....
Chetna & Mahima.... making a point! Sudhanshu & Sups share a conspirational whisper.... i capture the moment as Rachita is sandwiched!! It's been a long long time since we went clubbing - it's like the concept has gone out of fashion. SUps had been insisting on it for a bit - so I took the initiative and we headed out to CAPITOL at the ASHOKA. To be honest nothing has changed about the party scene in the last year and a half. The DJs are still confused about the music and the junta in Delhi throws arms and legs around in the hope for a Punjabi Bhangra …


One pizza and a few whiskies down, sitting at home with the headphones in my ear (loud blaring music)  and the MAC shining bright in front of me. The TV is playing a SAAS - BAHU serial being watched enthusiastically by my pretty wife. She has a bib on as she labors in the kitchen and in the process of chopping a hardened carrot has done her share of damage to “MY” machinery. I begrudge her not... other than putting it as an also happened incident in our life on this blog. She has something that many of us are missing in life - enthusiasm!!

It’s the one word... among a few others that drives life to excel.

Things that make me tick.... with ENTHU(siasm)

reckless dancing to the weirdest of numbers.... (drives SUPS nuts with laughter)my heavy singing with energy in the bathroom or with headphones - so I can’t hear myselfmy camera (i see a story in everything I shoot)my blog (i share my story)other enthusiastic folks (it is contagious)my dad’s cooking (could awaken the dead for that “LAST …

Take a look around!!

every time I hear those words..... brings forward the song from LIMP BIZKIT

all the tension in the world today
all the little girls fillin up the world today
when the good comes to bad the bad comes to good
but im a live my life like i should (like i should)
now all the critics wanna hit it
shit can ever did it
just because they dont get it
but ill stay fitted
knew there commited 

nope - i'm not feeling the least bit philosophical.... just skanky.... it's that weird IN LIMBO feeling that leaves you neither here nor there. It's a tightness around your chest... that you can feel but cannot explain.

so what you wanna do
and where you gonna run

There's so much yet to be achieved... but then you come to a crossroad and take a look around.
Here or there... or vice versa.... confusion strikes silently , confusion strikes deep.
This is an outpouring, a catharsis if you may - which threatens to engulf and overwhelm. Sanity is lost and reason is on the ebb as the mind sw…

The book worm!

Some bookie facts about me!

1) What author do you own the most books by? J.T Edson
2) What book do you own the most copies of? India Unbound - Gurcharan Das
3) Did it bother you that both those questions ended with prepositions? Nope!!
4) What fictional character are you secretly in love with? Dagny Taggart (Atlas Shrugged)
5) What book have you read the most times in your life? Red Phoenix - larry bond (fav read the dinner table)
6) What was your favorite book when you were ten years old? The hardy Boys
7) What is the worst book you've read in the past year? End of Days - Alex Chance
8) What is the best book you've read in the past year?
 The thorn Birds
9) If you could force everyone to read one book, what would it be? The wheel of time!
10) Who deserves to win the next Nobel Prize for literature? Anyone but the usual suspects
11) What book would you most like to see made into a movie? Arc light
12) What book would you least like to see made into a movie?
 The M& B that i read!!

Getting Twittery!

So I finally discovered Twitter...(dats me on Twitter)
It's quite the addictive thing. But it's not easy keeping up with the pace. It also involves constant attention to be paid to those who're following me and to those I've decided to follow.

I twitter from my Blackberry, from my Mac.. and I guess from wherever else i could. They say that discovering TWITTER is like a revelation - but the rapture fades when you can't keep track of the information flowing across that channel. So much information - never enough time. It's also quite distracting when I'm trying to get some work done.
There are folks who TWITTER all day and nite.. I wonder when they sleep!!
But they're an information hive and we're not far from the day when  TWITTER could move up the value chain as an instant news provider.

I've been following the antics of some really interesting folks on TWITTER - from Ashton Kutscher to Zaibatsu.... from Barack O to Rahul Gandhi... they're a…