Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Why bug the free??

I believe that if you're free to do as you please..... you will eventually end up doing the right thing.
This statement is said with a modicum of maturity considering that the persons involved in this transaction of giving freedom and using freedom are mature individuals with a sense of practicality and an understanding of right v/s wrong!!

alas.. such is not always true.....

I resent being forced to do anything against my will - but I have to submit to a SENIOR will... (not superior, mind you)
I resent the iron curtain on "information". If something enables performance - why curtail it???

I've been running my analysis on the said subject for sometime now.
The subject is a sufferer... always in agony ..... even if it's an orgasm....
.... has never thought about freedom in terms of freedom... like NERO.... it's as if everything exists at the subjects whim..... and we're all subjects to the lord and mighty.....
The subject suffers from temporary bouts of sanity.... and then is almost human.... you tend to develop pity for the subject... but the bout passes... and we're left on our asses!!

as always!!

Maybe he wants more data ;)

Does it not make you wonder how terrorists are made ;)

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