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Tag time 1,2,3....

So SMM (the better half) has tagged me. She doesn't do it too often. So i must do the needful, I guess.

1 - the one and only supriya... she's the one

2 - the number of daughters that I want to see growing up

3 - close  friends that i have who have been my pillars  since childhood and thereafter - Shyamal, Vishal & Shabbar

4 - years of engineering in Kopargaon that changed me (totally)

5 - currently in my fifth job (after engineering). It's also been my longest tenure.

6 - girls whose hearts I broke... they moved on. I've paid my dues now.

7 - minutes that I thought about life one night in B school and almost ended it.

8 - luckily the 8th minute came along and i changed my mind

9 - always my lucky number. i look for signs of this number around me whenever I'm wrestling with decisions internal to me!!

10 - that's the rating on 10 that I give my dads cooking. he got me started.

Hey baby....that was fast :)

2 children - told you it was the same na :P

nicely done Arjun!

u broke 6 female hearts? awww... :)


wow!really well done...ur answers were so simple and clear. :) Loved the simplicity!

2 kids.... just about right!!

TY KESHI .... six is not something I am proud of.... but that's life

Thanks Ria...keeping it simple always works for me

This is so nicely done. i must say, one of the best i've read for this particular tag.
hopped over from your better half blog

Thanks A....... From one A to another ;-)

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