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Pink is a nice color.
But why go overboard on it???
Will someone please explain to my semi-literate mind the importance of pink in a woman's life.......
I have one pink tie... which i try to avoid...
She has pink name it and she has it!! I wonder if JLo / Madonna could beat her on PINK!!
Still the craving for pink does not die.

Her latest "pink" acquisition is that thing in her hand!!!
simply amazes me.....

how can a mere man understand the importance of pink?

i dont understand why men presume to try and understand sartorial choices....


Absolutely MM, a mere man wants o understand the power of PINK?

High hopes baby.

PS: For men, maybe its the power of cricket :P

PPS: This photo has not captured the exact shade of my lovely new acquisition :P

ladies.....i may be a mere man.... and I merely want to enlighten myself on the importance of PINK......
pls be kind enough to share some of that manna.... instead of writing it off with such ease....

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