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I try to play the emotional fool - every now and then. But I'm no good at it. My emotions come back and make a fool of me - always!
I have gained much in the last 31 years but I miss some things in life. It would be quite poetic to say that I miss the mountains and the cool breeze through my hair.... (yes I do miss the hair too). But my list of "MISSING" items is not so vast.
I miss my summer vacations - doing nothing!
I miss mooching on dad for funds!
I miss using his credit card too!!
I miss the fact that whenever he commanded a ship - I could call it my own.
I miss dropping anonymous valentines day cards in the pretty girls' postboxes.
.... ok so this is not a complete list... just some things that I was mulling on a busy Thursday afternoon... when MS-EXCEL was taking a toll on my brain!!!
Life is like this pair of shoes... gets worn out... easier on the feet as time goes by. I mean it's like inertia that one doesn't wanna interrupt.... but change is inevitable.... and you have to take off the shoes every now and then...

hey i luv the second picture hmmmmm. so relaxed.

You can drop an anonymous valentine card down my postbox anyday :P

i like " commanding the ship" one heheh!
very cute and honest i say.

Thanks all!!
Yeah Utopia.. my friends had loads of cars... i only had a ship.....drove them nuts!!

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