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Difficult Choices!!

Cricketmania runs deep. So what if I cannot play like Tendulkar.
I'm one of the millions of cricket fans now facing a dilemma.
Whom to root for......

In the earlier days it was simple.
India should win and all others should lose.
Tendulkar, Dravid and Dhoni were supposed to occupy the crease and never get out.

Now with the 8 city IPL format - that choice becomes all the more difficult - given that TENDULKAR was against DHONI in match no.1.
One has to go through the entire proceedings with a lil knife in the heart. No matter who wins - an Indian will lose.
It's difficult to set priorities and players - one above the other.  Also difficult for me to adopt a CITY based concept for cheering.... I'm born in Chandigarh, raised in Mumbai, settled in Delhi with a wife from KOLKATA, with my best friend from Hyderabad.
That leaves 3 cities - Chennai, Bangalore & Jaipur to root for......either of which I'm not entirely comfortable with.

well mebbe ... i'll just root for the best cheerleaders!!!

man arjun such difficult choices i say heheeh! :p

yes...sooooooo very difficult.... I wonder what Sups thinks!!


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