Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

ashes to ashes

isn’t that where we’re all gonna end up anyways?
so why live with the tension?
live life like a king.... and let the cookie crumble.
a utopian thought - so why am I not able to apply it to the self?
This has been an interesting week. I have seen 2 creations focussed on man’s destruction of the self in the quest for love and glory. Both creations of the same mind - Anurag Kashyap.
He made GULAAL & DEV D. I am his fan now.
Enough has been written and said about both the films in question. I would love to see them again. Maybe my learnings will be different this time around.
For an uncanny reason I was able to identify with so much from both the films. Putting it down here is beyond the scope of anything I ever had for this blog. But let me share some of the broad lessons that I learned from my life - reflected in his films.
  • the woman in your life can make you and break you. forget male will power. we are slaves to this form.
  • the female form will destroy you if you let it take over. it’s a drug resistant affliction that folks call love.. lust..crush...devotion.
  • examining the dark underbelly of life is a necessary part of growing up. call it experience. but i have seen it all and come back to write this - i know i’m that much wiser
  • the world is a big place. we make it small with our thoughts and desires. we constrain ourselves to think similarly.
  • power is intoxicating. it lets us believe we can do that much more.
  • one can move on. i didn’t stay in my rut for long. i come out of one rut ... looking for the next.

so does it matter.... we’re gonna self destruct anyways.
is the pain of love worth it?
I guess so. It’s great while it lasts.
ashes to ashes...

wow!tht was so deep and profound.

moments of profoundness .. like the passing rains that come for a bit but leave their mark

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