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It's like the title says...

Agony time!!

The last week has been quite hectic. I have spent most of it out of office - in the field, meeting my customers (mostly Docs and Lab Techs). Luckily the field visits have been in Delhi - but traveling in this city is such an energy sapper! I dread to thik of how I'd manage without a driver.

Then there are the clowns @ work... always upto no good!!
The senior the clown, the more transparent is his idiocy :-)
I mean everyone sees it - though they dare not say it to him openly. It's not something my experience hasn't taught me to deal with. However there has to be an end in sight.

I refer to my friend Johns Blog here....
He puts it across so clearly 

Right now I'm sitting at Barista in Saket, waiting for wifey to come so we can go to Tooki & Navals place for dinner and I can drown a few sorrows - drown my gam in some rum, mebbe use his head like an empty drum & kick the fat dum dum.....

he might even read this :-)

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