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Pink is a nice color.
But why go overboard on it???
Will someone please explain to my semi-literate mind the importance of pink in a woman's life.......
I have one pink tie... which i try to avoid...
She has pink name it and she has it!! I wonder if JLo / Madonna could beat her on PINK!!
Still the craving for pink does not die.

Her latest "pink" acquisition is that thing in her hand!!!
simply amazes me.....

very filmi!!

Very very filmi.... This reminds me of a certain actress of yesteryears.... down .. but not out.. the life is entirely in her eyes

Difficult Choices!!

Cricketmania runs deep. So what if I cannot play like Tendulkar.
I'm one of the millions of cricket fans now facing a dilemma.
Whom to root for......

In the earlier days it was simple.
India should win and all others should lose.
Tendulkar, Dravid and Dhoni were supposed to occupy the crease and never get out.

Now with the 8 city IPL format - that choice becomes all the more difficult - given that TENDULKAR was against DHONI in match no.1.
One has to go through the entire proceedings with a lil knife in the heart. No matter who wins - an Indian will lose.
It's difficult to set priorities and players - one above the other.  Also difficult for me to adopt a CITY based concept for cheering.... I'm born in Chandigarh, raised in Mumbai, settled in Delhi with a wife from KOLKATA, with my best friend from Hyderabad.
That leaves 3 cities - Chennai, Bangalore & Jaipur to root for......either of which I'm not entirely comfortable with.

well mebbe ... i'll just root for t…

moody me


Then again.... maybe not!!


... pure glee.....!!
This is me... after my wife & folks... made a BAKRA of me!!


I try to play the emotional fool - every now and then. But I'm no good at it. My emotions come back and make a fool of me - always!
I have gained much in the last 31 years but I miss some things in life. It would be quite poetic to say that I miss the mountains and the cool breeze through my hair.... (yes I do miss the hair too). But my list of "MISSING" items is not so vast.
I miss my summer vacations - doing nothing!
I miss mooching on dad for funds!
I miss using his credit card too!!
I miss the fact that whenever he commanded a ship - I could call it my own.
I miss dropping anonymous valentines day cards in the pretty girls' postboxes.
.... ok so this is not a complete list... just some things that I was mulling on a busy Thursday afternoon... when MS-EXCEL was taking a toll on my brain!!!
Life is like this pair of shoes... gets worn out... easier on the feet as time goes by. I mean it's like inertia that one doesn't wanna interrupt.... but change is inevita…

Don't mess with me!!

I'm waiting for you!! I'm waiting for the world!! Come one over.... and see if you can take on me!

Why bug the free??

I believe that if you're free to do as you please..... you will eventually end up doing the right thing.
This statement is said with a modicum of maturity considering that the persons involved in this transaction of giving freedom and using freedom are mature individuals with a sense of practicality and an understanding of right v/s wrong!!

alas.. such is not always true.....

I resent being forced to do anything against my will - but I have to submit to a SENIOR will... (not superior, mind you)
I resent the iron curtain on "information". If something enables performance - why curtail it???

I've been running my analysis on the said subject for sometime now.
The subject is a sufferer... always in agony ..... even if it's an orgasm....
.... has never thought about freedom in terms of freedom... like NERO.... it's as if everything exists at the subjects whim..... and we're all subjects to the lord and mighty.....
The subject suffers from temporary bouts of sa…

Agony time!!

The last week has been quite hectic. I have spent most of it out of office - in the field, meeting my customers (mostly Docs and Lab Techs). Luckily the field visits have been in Delhi - but traveling in this city is such an energy sapper! I dread to thik of how I'd manage without a driver.

Then there are the clowns @ work... always upto no good!!
The senior the clown, the more transparent is his idiocy :-)
I mean everyone sees it - though they dare not say it to him openly. It's not something my experience hasn't taught me to deal with. However there has to be an end in sight.

I refer to my friend Johns Blog here....
He puts it across so clearly

Right now I'm sitting at Barista in Saket, waiting for wifey to come so we can go to Tooki & Navals place for dinner and I can drown a few sorrows - drown my gam in some rum, mebbe use his head like an empty drum & kick the fat dum dum.....

he might even read this :-)

Tag time 1,2,3....

So SMM (the better half) has tagged me. She doesn't do it too often. So i must do the needful, I guess.

1 - the one and only supriya... she's the one

2 - the number of daughters that I want to see growing up

3 - close  friends that i have who have been my pillars  since childhood and thereafter - Shyamal, Vishal & Shabbar

4 - years of engineering in Kopargaon that changed me (totally)

5 - currently in my fifth job (after engineering). It's also been my longest tenure.

6 - girls whose hearts I broke... they moved on. I've paid my dues now.

7 - minutes that I thought about life one night in B school and almost ended it.

8 - luckily the 8th minute came along and i changed my mind

9 - always my lucky number. i look for signs of this number around me whenever I'm wrestling with decisions internal to me!!

10 - that's the rating on 10 that I give my dads cooking. he got me started.

ashes to ashes

isn’t that where we’re all gonna end up anyways?
so why live with the tension?
live life like a king.... and let the cookie crumble.
a utopian thought - so why am I not able to apply it to the self?
This has been an interesting week. I have seen 2 creations focussed on man’s destruction of the self in the quest for love and glory. Both creations of the same mind - Anurag Kashyap.
He made GULAAL & DEV D. I am his fan now.
Enough has been written and said about both the films in question. I would love to see them again. Maybe my learnings will be different this time around.
For an uncanny reason I was able to identify with so much from both the films. Putting it down here is beyond the scope of anything I ever had for this blog. But let me share some of the broad lessons that I learned from my life - reflected in his films.
the woman in your life can make you and break you. forget male will power. we are slaves to this form.the female form will destroy you if you let it take over. it…

Yeh duniya...

Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai....
If I had the world what would i do with it....

dreams flow across the fabric of this, my universe
i wish i could be free of the bindings and fly free
then i wonder what would i do by flying free
where would i go where i could be free
my connections are here
how would the social animal cope with solitude?
life is built around these connections
so what if these very connections corrupt the thought
so what if these connections cause pain and suffering
... they also give fleeting joy.. .joy which makes it all worthwhile.

this whole idea of being free stems from the inability to make a change to the world around me
life is like one video game.
the only catch is that I’m playing for keeps
this thought of breaking free is like a CHEAT CODE
the question that comes to the rambler is whether it’s worth it to win a game after cheating
the question takes on another dimension since the competition in the game is also ME

so what would I do if I had the …