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The sound of music - 44 years on!!

So I mentioned in my previous post that I loved the songs of THE SOUND OF MUSIC....
I forgot to mention that I wished I'd grow up and have a girl like Leisl... the eldest of the 7 siblings!

As i completed that last post - i was temted to google for her....
... and oila GOOGLE directed me here.
This lady has actually kept track of the original 7 kids and has her page updated for what they're upto now. Of course they're no longer kids. Incidentally - not many remained in films, but are successful nevertheless. No tragedies here :-)

me too...Im a huge fan of SOM songs!


arjun what a coincidence i saw the movie after 13 years last nite n fell in love with the movie all over agian. :-) n there u r having written the post yesterday.

TY Keshi!
Yes - i can hum these songs in my head anytime of the day

a lovely coincidence Utopia.... what's your fav song??

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