Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Something different

This last week has seen me spend a lot of time in BED... alone (alas)!!
I've been doing a fair bit of thinking!
... the idle mind is a devils workshop!!

I'm an agent of change.
I do not work/live with monotony!
It's exciting to do something different.
But I don't do all that i used to.
I like to be creative.... start something new.... revisit the old and recast it!
.. and this is the funny part here....
.. something is eating me up inside!

It's like... there's me... there's wife.... there's life.... there's no apparent strife..... so what am I cribbing about????

Mebbe i need to get up from bed and get to the balcony... (with the camera)...
Something to kickstart me :-)

so what is eating u up from inside arjun?

I'd be happy to give you the 'kick'start :P

utopia...... that's an ideal world.. alas not for me....
so i have not put a finger on whats eating me up from inside.... but one day it'll manifest itself.... i don't wann be around then

yes - sups
I can count on you to kick me from start to end.
that's what helpful wives do

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