Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

A series of unfortunate events

It started with getting off the wrong side of the bed. THE START

Then there was a dressing down from Groucho! NO REASON. NO EXPLANATION. JUST CRAP

I passed on the salad dressing down the line with my addition of spices. NOW I FEEL AWFUL. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT

Then I saw someone who was happy... while I was morose. GREEN WITH ENVY. RED WITH ANGER. MY FACE.

After that certain decisions which are normally in my purview - were taken without the courtesy to even inform me - old groucho is at it again. MAYBE THERE ARE SOME BIGGER POWERS AT WORK HERE

I concealed my thoughts though my face tells another story.
I am not happy today.
That's the bottom line!

But my unhappiness in one area is transposing itself to all others. Suddenly I'm adopting a pessimistic view on a slew of unrelated events. I need to spend some alone time in the Himalayas...or the opposite....

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