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It's like the title says...

The return to the cave...

Earth Hour is officially the kickoff for the WWF's campaign to get world leaders to agree on a global deal at UN climate talks in December 2009, but I feel it has morphed into much more than that.

Yes on paper it sounds good that an hour without light may be a start to ending all our energy woes. I disagree.
It makes me feel like I'm a caveman. The GREENIE WEENIES would have us all move retrograde and become one with the environment. I'd rather be living in a cave. Why can't we actually innovate new methods to make light of the crisis rather than sit in darkness. It feels so negative. It's like leaving yourself vulnerable.

Why not adopt windpower.... or the solar panel on the roof? Let's move the ball from using gas guzzlig vehicles for each one to pooled cars and sharing.

Turning off the lights is poor symbolism.
Awareness is about moving forward.

My lights were on.....

Let's get solar heaters :)

yes... and where should I have them put???
the idea is good... when we have our own house/estate!!

what better way to make people realize that darkness is all that will remain if we continue to exploit all resources available to us?

i advocate careful usage..... efficient usage.... not waste.

but i cannot agree that shutting my lights for a day in a year will change anything. I have too many powercuts for that!!


the world is filled with morons and think the earth hour was totally useless?..seriously, there are people who follow things and then there are people who dont..but people like you? god!!
one hour of no-lights saves hell lot of energy..careful n efficient usage?..are u actually talkin about many times have you forgotten to switch off the fan or a light or anything..doesnt one hour of cutting that account for anything..we can talk about efficient usage in future..this one hour could have compensated for the energy lost in the past..dont you think?
''my lights were on''..this is the dumbest statement i've ever heard..a total shithead!!!!

Thanks anonymous. I appreciate your views but if you were the child of one father and your mothet anything less than a whore you should have th guts to post under your own name. I use my energy efficiently and don't need you - the result of a condom malfunction to tell me otherwise. Thanks and have a great day

@ Anon

Its people like you who misuse the energies who need something like earth Hour to make then feel less guilty for energies lost in the past. You need to make up for he energies that you have wasted - we know we haven't wasted energies ever.Energies wasted are lost forever, energies saved are the ones you build resources upon.

Then there are people like us - who'v learnt from a very young age to conserve resources. Its a habit to switch off lights and fans when we leave a room, close the tap while shaving/ brushing and not leave it running etc. Making a statement by switching off lights and fans one hour for one day for you is a statement - for us it's a habit.

It's easy to hide behind an anoymous comment and leave stinkers on another's blog. Have the bloody balls to give your name. Shows what a shithead and coward you are.

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