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Reality Bites!!

I’ve had my fill of reality shows on the idiot box..... or have I ??
They’re nasty...trying to appeal to our baser emotions. We claim to have evolved and cast aside our “caveman” tendencies. I disagree. These shows bring forth these dormant expressions and in the guise of being “REAL” - it makes me take sides.

Sometimes it’s about wrong and right. Sometimes it’s just the attitude of the person onscreen. I begin to pick personal favorites and hope they’ll make it till the end. These shows are addictive and i’m glued to my set of shows. It started with MTV Roadies and now I have to have my weekly dose of it every sunday. Then came a host of other shows - from dancing with the stars, singing to become a star or the cliched “LOVE IS WAR” - with splitsvilla. There is also SARKAR ki Dunia - a ripoff on survivor and BIG BOSS - the india version of BIG BROTHER.

I don’t mind folks being nasty to one another. That’s human. Then they get violent. That’s human. But it’s not something we want to see on tv. They help the channel get good TRP ratings - but the social message is more dangerous - fight and win.. no time for peace and love! It encourages folks to use their hands over their brains. I find it unacceptable. If Mr. Raghu had a second- he’d meet me in a dark alley - would love to give him a few raps across his bald eagle head!! He may not be a nasty man as a huma - but that’s the persona he has on the TV. He lives to be nasty.

The latest episode on MTV Roadies had the contestants filling up on food and then undertaking a ride on the CLAW... knocks you right off... and the food comes tumbling out.... from the input end!!

I’ve been on youtube and seen what happens on the international reality shows. They say their stuff - but i haven’t seen physical force being used. India still has awhile to go to get there. But like they say we’re fast learners.

I think we’re better at BAKRA!!!

I think they're overdoing it on Roadies this time.

Quite true. It seems that being mean = reality.

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