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My Favourite films

I wonder if you've seen these flicks.....
... one can say I grew up watching them!!! In fact a few of them have been watched over 50-100 times and I can watch them once every quarter.
It took a while before I understood all the nuances of each film. But these are the ones that conditioned my thinking to a large extent...

I can still here the beats from WHERE EAGLES DARE playing in my head. Or imagine the seductive  Kelly Mcgillis giving me that welcome sly grin in TOP GUN. Of course one had to be Tom Cruise for that to work out.
Then there was princess Leia in STAR WARS or the cool bravado of Richard Burton and Roger Moore in WILD GEESE. I never stopped laughing at Mel Brooks' antics in SILENT MOVIE.... he and his set-piece collection of artistes. Then there was the uber cool Clint Eastwood in KELLYS HEROES and FIREFOX.
As I got to a stage wen films and rented VCRs became the norm on many a weekend, there was a gear shift to buying my own collection of video casettes and archiving as many films as possible. I grew to love the RAMBO series and began the saga that one man - who had been wronged could set things right. Bruce Willis came along with DIE HARD and the teenage mind went bonkers looking for ways to ape inspector McClane. I never was much for the lovey - dovey films and I wtched TITANIC only to figure out what the hoopla was all about. The only song and dance film that I am still a fan of came from the house of Rodgers and Hammerstein - the very hummable SOUND OF MUSIC. It had all the songs that we were taught in Western Music class.
.... I still sing the LONELY GOATHERD when I can....

.. here I go again

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

[the Children:]
O ho lay dee odl lee o, o ho lay dee odl ay
O ho lay dee odl lee o, lay dee odl lee o lay

This and Edelweiss were one of my favorites from the movie

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