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I had a tough time thinking up a title for this one.
Coming after my last blog... I feel it's important to get this off my chest!
I respect most women ... but not all of them.
Some have willfully thrown away that respect. (i'm sure some of them would say the same about me.)
I'm not talking of girls who have broken my heart or vice versa.
This one cuts much deeper. It's about betrayal, hatred and vile intentions!!

  1. Lets start at the beginning. School was a boys only thing. So never got to interact with too many girls then.
  2. Moving on to college was a refreshing change and nothing much happened apart from the crushes and the heartbreaks. I had developed this world view that ALL women were nice. It was the male of the species that went around poking his THING everywhere :-)
  3. My first job - the women pampered me, mothered me and generally made life fun!
  4. Then came B-School. The twist in the tale. One scorned woman teams up with the object of my affections, add a political aspirant to the mix and voila - we have an explosive mixture at hand. One was angry, the other was scared and the third one used them to her advantage. Life became tough on campus!!! So I changed gears and looked outwards. Their fangs followed me wherever I went, to every opportunity finding ways to undermine.  I was intending to fight them - not worth my time. But unless I did - I  was on my way down. So I did. I fought a covert war and cut corners to end the chase with my head held high. I think about what happened (in retrospect) and wonder what if????? Luckily there were a few women who supported my struggle. Thank You Manu, Sudeshna, Madhuri, Soumya, Ranjini and Puja! You gals helped keep me afloat in B-School! I know I can be a rat.
  5. Moved on to LG and the first months of training. I was too busy tring to get ahead than falling for women around me. There were 3 ladies in our batch and one of them already had her daggers out. I was not about to get cowed down - so whenever we were in the same group - fireworks. Her boyfriend (now husband) always let her handle her issues. Smart man!! 
  6. I also met my first woman fraudster here. She had embezzled funds from the marketing budget and treated herself well. I landed right into her pie as her reporting manager. Yep - she had to go!
  7. Then came my stint in Mumbai working on Microsoft projects. My boss (also a lady) was quite understanding since I was a newbie to project management. She supported as much as she could before heading off ONSITE. I had a collection of friends who helped me tide over several crisis'.  Then came the NEW BOSS - a 41 year old lady from the US. She inspired angernad hatred. Some derision too. Her favourite song - MAIN HOON NAA... was put on speakers and played endlessly on Saturdays.  She hated my guts from the start and though I tried to be my usual self - her personnel mgmt skills ensured that we ALL disliked her. I had my reporting changed - but she still hunted me. Even forbade her set of project managers from talking to me. WOW - in this day and age! I left the organization and moved on. News has it that she was fired with a ten minute notice. She's still in the corporate world... at a senior position  in Accenture, Mumbai!! My pal John was pushed to the extent that one "night" at work - he showed her the finger and do the needful. We literally dared her to fight us. In retrospect I wonder if things could have worked out - naaaahhhh!!
  8. Then I moved to NIIT and met with an outstanding set of ladies.... never a dull moment.... and though I met one PSYCHO... I mean real life PSYCHO.... I ran away before taking too much damage!!
  9. Then I got married before anything else could happen
So I've mostly had good experiences. But the few rotten apples shaped me in more ways than I'd care to imagine.

hehehhe -

Now be a good boy, and bring the juicy spicy skeletons out .. :P

Playing it safe married man eh?

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