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Another day for the women!!

Let me get this straight!!
We have a special day called "INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY" - 8th March (every year)
Does that mean I have the remaining 364 days as MEN days?
Not really dude..... says the lil angel on my shoulder!!

I agree with the concept here that it is vital/ critical/ important that we bring to the fore all issues pertaining to female inequality. We raise issues where women are treated with disdain for the reason that they are not men. We must work to solve these issues. it should also be seen as a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. This was started in 1909 in the USA and we celebrate 100 years tomorrow!
Go women!!
Check out their website here :

But when I picked up the morning paper(DELHI TIMES)  - i saw an article on how to pamper your "woman", by a woman.How to make her feel loved and cared for. It gives details of GUCCI bags & expensive artifacts to pamper your woman!
I do that enough and Valentines has been around less than a month ago!

I can understand if a man misunderstands the concept and writes an article as such - he should not be but can be forgiven the lack of EQ/IQ/SQ.
How does a "supposedly" smart woman write trash? Maybe she misunderstood equality , achievement and celebrating womanhood! Then a newspaper takes it up and puts it out for all to read... amazing!!!

I've spent a lot of my career and life working with women, whether they were my peers, or in positions of authority. They have always proven better than men. I don't claim to know what drives them - but it works
Some have worked well with me and others have not.
But the ones I remember are those who have been at the other end - experts, perfectionists, great friends and even greater human beings..... as always I salute them. 

Here's what I plan to celebrate on INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY, 2009.
  • The fact that I love my wife (a woman) , my mother (also a woman) , my sisters (also...) and those women who have made their marks on my life...
  • The reality that my woman is more intelligent than me
  • The fact that I come from a family where women are worshipped and treated as such.
  • The strong women who have given me their shoulder to hold on to (I don't cry too much)
  • The hope that Sups and I will someday have daughters (not sons) (i know this is wishful - we'll take whoever is sent our way)
Jai ho.....!!!


Kavita Lad said…
Awesome post, Arjun! I really like the way you've put your thoughts in words...!

and a very Happy Womens Day to all women in your life!

SMM said…
Just another post to get out of buying me a Gucci bag :P
Pallavi said…
Excellent Arjun, just hope if more men cud think on the same lines :) Here's wishing all special women in your life a very happy womens'day.

Amandeep said…
D said…
You're thinking too much about something that is done for purely commercial reasons. Please understand that a lot of articles in newspapers, especially The Times of India and its supplements, are paid articles written to promote certain brands. It's advertising but made to look like editorial.

Don't worry too much about it being a man or a woman's point of view. The woman who wrote it was probably just doing what was asked of her.

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