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The return to the cave...

Monday, March 30, 2009
Earth Hour is officially the kickoff for the WWF's campaign to get world leaders to agree on a global deal at UN climate talks in December 2009, but I feel it has morphed into much more than that.

Yes on paper it sounds good that an hour without light may be a start to ending all our energy woes. I disagree.
It makes me feel like I'm a caveman. The GREENIE WEENIES would have us all move retrograde and become one with the environment. I'd rather be living in a cave. Why can't we actually innovate new methods to make light of the crisis rather than sit in darkness. It feels so negative. It's like leaving yourself vulnerable.

Why not adopt windpower.... or the solar panel on the roof? Let's move the ball from using gas guzzlig vehicles for each one to pooled cars and sharing.

Turning off the lights is poor symbolism.
Awareness is about moving forward.

My lights were on.....
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Reality Bites!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009
I’ve had my fill of reality shows on the idiot box..... or have I ??
They’re nasty...trying to appeal to our baser emotions. We claim to have evolved and cast aside our “caveman” tendencies. I disagree. These shows bring forth these dormant expressions and in the guise of being “REAL” - it makes me take sides.

Sometimes it’s about wrong and right. Sometimes it’s just the attitude of the person onscreen. I begin to pick personal favorites and hope they’ll make it till the end. These shows are addictive and i’m glued to my set of shows. It started with MTV Roadies and now I have to have my weekly dose of it every sunday. Then came a host of other shows - from dancing with the stars, singing to become a star or the cliched “LOVE IS WAR” - with splitsvilla. There is also SARKAR ki Dunia - a ripoff on survivor and BIG BOSS - the india version of BIG BROTHER.

I don’t mind folks being nasty to one another. That’s human. Then they get violent. That’s human. But it’s not something we want to see on tv. They help the channel get good TRP ratings - but the social message is more dangerous - fight and win.. no time for peace and love! It encourages folks to use their hands over their brains. I find it unacceptable. If Mr. Raghu had a second- he’d meet me in a dark alley - would love to give him a few raps across his bald eagle head!! He may not be a nasty man as a huma - but that’s the persona he has on the TV. He lives to be nasty.

The latest episode on MTV Roadies had the contestants filling up on food and then undertaking a ride on the CLAW... knocks you right off... and the food comes tumbling out.... from the input end!!

I’ve been on youtube and seen what happens on the international reality shows. They say their stuff - but i haven’t seen physical force being used. India still has awhile to go to get there. But like they say we’re fast learners.

I think we’re better at BAKRA!!!
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The Fallen flower

Sunday, March 29, 2009
I was a  tree-bound flower once. Pristine white at the peak of my youth. I reflected the morning light like a snowflake in Aspen. You looked at me and oohed & aahed then. I was the cynosure of every eye - yours too.

Now you look down upon me.
Well truth be told - I am fallen.
The winds of change took me out of the nurturing grasp of my home... to the barren lands beneath. I tried to resist change (alas). Now I must await my time as I wither under the weather. You look at me and wonder, even take my photograph, put in a little sympathy too.

Your time is coming too.
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The sound of music - 44 years on!!

Friday, March 27, 2009
So I mentioned in my previous post that I loved the songs of THE SOUND OF MUSIC....
I forgot to mention that I wished I'd grow up and have a girl like Leisl... the eldest of the 7 siblings!

As i completed that last post - i was temted to google for her....
... and oila GOOGLE directed me here.
This lady has actually kept track of the original 7 kids and has her page updated for what they're upto now. Of course they're no longer kids. Incidentally - not many remained in films, but are successful nevertheless. No tragedies here :-)
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My Favourite films

Friday, March 27, 2009
I wonder if you've seen these flicks.....
... one can say I grew up watching them!!! In fact a few of them have been watched over 50-100 times and I can watch them once every quarter.
It took a while before I understood all the nuances of each film. But these are the ones that conditioned my thinking to a large extent...

I can still here the beats from WHERE EAGLES DARE playing in my head. Or imagine the seductive  Kelly Mcgillis giving me that welcome sly grin in TOP GUN. Of course one had to be Tom Cruise for that to work out.
Then there was princess Leia in STAR WARS or the cool bravado of Richard Burton and Roger Moore in WILD GEESE. I never stopped laughing at Mel Brooks' antics in SILENT MOVIE.... he and his set-piece collection of artistes. Then there was the uber cool Clint Eastwood in KELLYS HEROES and FIREFOX.
As I got to a stage wen films and rented VCRs became the norm on many a weekend, there was a gear shift to buying my own collection of video casettes and archiving as many films as possible. I grew to love the RAMBO series and began the saga that one man - who had been wronged could set things right. Bruce Willis came along with DIE HARD and the teenage mind went bonkers looking for ways to ape inspector McClane. I never was much for the lovey - dovey films and I wtched TITANIC only to figure out what the hoopla was all about. The only song and dance film that I am still a fan of came from the house of Rodgers and Hammerstein - the very hummable SOUND OF MUSIC. It had all the songs that we were taught in Western Music class.
.... I still sing the LONELY GOATHERD when I can....

.. here I go again

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

[the Children:]
O ho lay dee odl lee o, o ho lay dee odl ay
O ho lay dee odl lee o, lay dee odl lee o lay
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The Delhi-ite pledge

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
This is not an original composition - I have picked it up from my friend Aruns NOTES on FB.

I will not return calls.
I will show off.
I will live beyond my means.
I will be a pathological liar.
I will be brash.
I will be abrasive.
I will be rude.
I will be nasty.
I will make false promises.
I will serve paneer in 21 different ways when throwing a formal dinner party.
I will bow down, touch feet and take blessings of all those who are even a year older than me just for the express purpose of collecting loose change.
I will wear zircons and claim them to be the finest diamonds.
I will rhyme every other word like whisky shisky and think that I am very witty.
I will be crassy not classy.
I will obsess over Bollywood.
I will worry myself sick if Shah Rukh Khan breaks his toe nail.
I will stalk Priyanka Chopra when I move to Mumbai.
I will do my best to produce a Bollywood movie even it wipes out my family´s fortune.
I will feel that I am stunningly good looking.
I will equate fair skin with beauty.
I will try my hand at modeling.
I will try my hand at acting.
I will be shallow.
I will tell one and all that I know the Prime Minister´s pedicurist.
I will believe that dancing at weddings is more important than finding a cure for cancer.
I will hire a choreographer to teach me how to dance at weddings.
I will make a total ass of myself dancing at weddings.
I will take credit for other people´s work.
I will look down on people who make less money than me.
I will mistake kindness for weakness.
I will have diarrhea of words and constipation of ideas.
I will hit rock bottom but I will continue to dig deeper.
I will raise land grabbing to an art form.
I will bow down to Vaishno Devi, the symbol of woman power, in the morning and womanize in the evening.
I will be proud of the fact that my city has the highest rape rate in the country.
I will tease women and it is my moral right to do so.
I will pull all the right strings to get me out of jail if arrested for eve teasing.
I will abort my unborn child if I find out through amniocentesis that my child is a girl.
I will be a dress designer if I am a woman.
I will be a property dealer if I am a man.
I will be a wheeler dealer. Period.
I will claim to be a businessman but will not disclose what exactly my business is.
I will be a fixer.
I will be above the law of the land.
I will subvert the system.
I will carry at least 9 mobiles on my person at any given time.
I will do my level best not to think.
I will stop others from thinking.
I will shut my brain down.
I will argue not using facts but the decibel level of my voice
I will refuse to admit that I am human and can make mistakes.
I will derisively refer to all those who live South of the Vindhayas as "Madrasis."
I will brag about the flyovers, malls and call centers in my city.
I will conveniently forget that all the flyovers, malls and call centers in my city are built with the help of taxes generated by other parts of India .
I will not pay my taxes.
I will try my best to be a thug.
I will mention my name, followed by the words "this side", to announce myself on a telephone call.
I am a Delhiite.

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By the river

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Standing by the Hoogly - the Howrah bridge in the distance
I watch the water flow by. Looking into the distance I see boats plying their trade, garbage floats by lazily and the birds hover above the water.... searching for prey.
All seems normal. There is a calm in the air.
For how long... i wonder!!
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A series of unfortunate events

Thursday, March 19, 2009
It started with getting off the wrong side of the bed. THE START

Then there was a dressing down from Groucho! NO REASON. NO EXPLANATION. JUST CRAP

I passed on the salad dressing down the line with my addition of spices. NOW I FEEL AWFUL. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT

Then I saw someone who was happy... while I was morose. GREEN WITH ENVY. RED WITH ANGER. MY FACE.

After that certain decisions which are normally in my purview - were taken without the courtesy to even inform me - old groucho is at it again. MAYBE THERE ARE SOME BIGGER POWERS AT WORK HERE

I concealed my thoughts though my face tells another story.
I am not happy today.
That's the bottom line!

But my unhappiness in one area is transposing itself to all others. Suddenly I'm adopting a pessimistic view on a slew of unrelated events. I need to spend some alone time in the Himalayas...or the opposite....
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To lose a lover or love a loser

Sunday, March 15, 2009
It's a tough ask.
It's not just about the misplacement of words.
Me - personally speaking - I'd rather love someone than lose someone who believes in me.
Love is hard to find...... and tougher to keep
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Saturday, March 14, 2009
Today is 3.14
It's PI day!
For all you have forgotten mathematics it's that magical, mystical
number representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its
In legal shorthand, it represents a plaintiff.
The mathematical irrational constant π ≈ 3.14159..., the ratio of a
circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean geometry.
The letter "π" is the first letter of the Greek words "περιφέρεια"
'periphery' and "περίμετρος" 'perimeter', i.e. the circumference.
The prime-counting function in mathematics.
Dimensionless parameters constructed using the Buckingham π theorem of
dimensional analysis.
The osmotic pressure in chemistry. π=MRT
The elementary particle called the pi meson or pion.
Profit in microeconomics.
Inflation rate in macroeconomics.
A type of chemical bond in which the P-orbitals overlap, called a pi bond.
The natural projection on the tangent bundle on a manifold.

One letter... so many uses!!


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MAYA.... my foot!!

Friday, March 13, 2009
I am disturbed....
very very disturbed!!

read this article in the online version of the times

We do not need this woman on top.....enough of behenji!!

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Mind shapers!

Saturday, March 07, 2009
I had a tough time thinking up a title for this one.
Coming after my last blog... I feel it's important to get this off my chest!
I respect most women ... but not all of them.
Some have willfully thrown away that respect. (i'm sure some of them would say the same about me.)
I'm not talking of girls who have broken my heart or vice versa.
This one cuts much deeper. It's about betrayal, hatred and vile intentions!!

  1. Lets start at the beginning. School was a boys only thing. So never got to interact with too many girls then.
  2. Moving on to college was a refreshing change and nothing much happened apart from the crushes and the heartbreaks. I had developed this world view that ALL women were nice. It was the male of the species that went around poking his THING everywhere :-)
  3. My first job - the women pampered me, mothered me and generally made life fun!
  4. Then came B-School. The twist in the tale. One scorned woman teams up with the object of my affections, add a political aspirant to the mix and voila - we have an explosive mixture at hand. One was angry, the other was scared and the third one used them to her advantage. Life became tough on campus!!! So I changed gears and looked outwards. Their fangs followed me wherever I went, to every opportunity finding ways to undermine.  I was intending to fight them - not worth my time. But unless I did - I  was on my way down. So I did. I fought a covert war and cut corners to end the chase with my head held high. I think about what happened (in retrospect) and wonder what if????? Luckily there were a few women who supported my struggle. Thank You Manu, Sudeshna, Madhuri, Soumya, Ranjini and Puja! You gals helped keep me afloat in B-School! I know I can be a rat.
  5. Moved on to LG and the first months of training. I was too busy tring to get ahead than falling for women around me. There were 3 ladies in our batch and one of them already had her daggers out. I was not about to get cowed down - so whenever we were in the same group - fireworks. Her boyfriend (now husband) always let her handle her issues. Smart man!! 
  6. I also met my first woman fraudster here. She had embezzled funds from the marketing budget and treated herself well. I landed right into her pie as her reporting manager. Yep - she had to go!
  7. Then came my stint in Mumbai working on Microsoft projects. My boss (also a lady) was quite understanding since I was a newbie to project management. She supported as much as she could before heading off ONSITE. I had a collection of friends who helped me tide over several crisis'.  Then came the NEW BOSS - a 41 year old lady from the US. She inspired angernad hatred. Some derision too. Her favourite song - MAIN HOON NAA... was put on speakers and played endlessly on Saturdays.  She hated my guts from the start and though I tried to be my usual self - her personnel mgmt skills ensured that we ALL disliked her. I had my reporting changed - but she still hunted me. Even forbade her set of project managers from talking to me. WOW - in this day and age! I left the organization and moved on. News has it that she was fired with a ten minute notice. She's still in the corporate world... at a senior position  in Accenture, Mumbai!! My pal John was pushed to the extent that one "night" at work - he showed her the finger and do the needful. We literally dared her to fight us. In retrospect I wonder if things could have worked out - naaaahhhh!!
  8. Then I moved to NIIT and met with an outstanding set of ladies.... never a dull moment.... and though I met one PSYCHO... I mean real life PSYCHO.... I ran away before taking too much damage!!
  9. Then I got married before anything else could happen
So I've mostly had good experiences. But the few rotten apples shaped me in more ways than I'd care to imagine.
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Another day for the women!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009
Let me get this straight!!
We have a special day called "INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY" - 8th March (every year)
Does that mean I have the remaining 364 days as MEN days?
Not really dude..... says the lil angel on my shoulder!!

I agree with the concept here that it is vital/ critical/ important that we bring to the fore all issues pertaining to female inequality. We raise issues where women are treated with disdain for the reason that they are not men. We must work to solve these issues. it should also be seen as a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. This was started in 1909 in the USA and we celebrate 100 years tomorrow!
Go women!!
Check out their website here :

But when I picked up the morning paper(DELHI TIMES)  - i saw an article on how to pamper your "woman", by a woman.How to make her feel loved and cared for. It gives details of GUCCI bags & expensive artifacts to pamper your woman!
I do that enough and Valentines has been around less than a month ago!

I can understand if a man misunderstands the concept and writes an article as such - he should not be but can be forgiven the lack of EQ/IQ/SQ.
How does a "supposedly" smart woman write trash? Maybe she misunderstood equality , achievement and celebrating womanhood! Then a newspaper takes it up and puts it out for all to read... amazing!!!

I've spent a lot of my career and life working with women, whether they were my peers, or in positions of authority. They have always proven better than men. I don't claim to know what drives them - but it works
Some have worked well with me and others have not.
But the ones I remember are those who have been at the other end - experts, perfectionists, great friends and even greater human beings..... as always I salute them. 

Here's what I plan to celebrate on INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY, 2009.
  • The fact that I love my wife (a woman) , my mother (also a woman) , my sisters (also...) and those women who have made their marks on my life...
  • The reality that my woman is more intelligent than me
  • The fact that I come from a family where women are worshipped and treated as such.
  • The strong women who have given me their shoulder to hold on to (I don't cry too much)
  • The hope that Sups and I will someday have daughters (not sons) (i know this is wishful - we'll take whoever is sent our way)
Jai ho.....!!!
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Thursday, March 05, 2009
It's a number.
A number I like.
It's a testimony to the fact that some people don't think I'm such a nut.
I know many folks have 1000's of friends on social networks. I'm more into being in touch with those that I knew while I make new friends as life comes along.
In fact I'd been SMSing the SSP (sundar sushil patni) about it too and making a generall hoo haa about it in my life.

So 400 friends on FACEBOOK....!!
I feel good.

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Something different

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
This last week has seen me spend a lot of time in BED... alone (alas)!!
I've been doing a fair bit of thinking!
... the idle mind is a devils workshop!!

I'm an agent of change.
I do not work/live with monotony!
It's exciting to do something different.
But I don't do all that i used to.
I like to be creative.... start something new.... revisit the old and recast it!
.. and this is the funny part here....
.. something is eating me up inside!

It's like... there's me... there's wife.... there's life.... there's no apparent strife..... so what am I cribbing about????

Mebbe i need to get up from bed and get to the balcony... (with the camera)...
Something to kickstart me :-)
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Lonely in Jaipur

Monday, March 02, 2009
CHokhi Dhani is a fun place...
But it ain't fun by myself....
You cannot come here alone....
Be sure to bring the better half along....
Else, it starts to bite :-(

I was there for our Annual North India Distributors meeting and guess what - we went the whole hog TRADITIONAL!!
Yes, not doubt I made the most of the event.. my camera was used optimally, but my favorite subject was missing...

So though, I was in a CROWD, I was alone. The parrot that read my future was kind to me. But then life is what you make of it -how you play your cards - not merely the deck dealt to you..
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