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Status Update(s)

I love reading what's happening.... what you're thinking... how you feel....
Facebook updates totally rocks...

I have been observing all the folks on my friend list (and they number close to 400) as they go about their daily lives .... putting in that update every once in a while.
There are the thinkers... the feelers... the action oriented folks (doing something).. the WHY ME kinda folks... and the list goes on!!
It makes my day to read these updates, if nothing else - i chortle and do my own lil round of internal laughter

The ones I liked today...

  • a young lady wonders - if she will have to choke the bitch?? <ANGER MANAGEMENT BABE!!!>
  • another one - which plan to execute A , B or C?? <VACILLATION IS NOT THE KEY>
  • a confused soul goes WHY!!!! <THAT'S A BIG QUESTION DUDE>
  • an engineer in the making is waiting at the DENTIST.  <OOH PAINFUL>
  • one gentleman clamors - 3 more days to the weekend!! <YES I'M LOOKING FWD TO IT TOO>
  • The sports enthusiast - waiting for the Champions league to begin
  • one cool lady exclaims - if life gives you a lemon, break out the tequila and salt
  • a fried is home for a few days - will be off sailing thereafter
  • one lawyer - being messy!! <PLEASE GO TO THE TOILET>
  • an IT PRo - feeling empty inside
  • a creative genius - doing stuff he has never done before
  • someone is moving out of the nerd closet!!! <WHERE DOES ONE GO AFTER THAT>
  • a stunned media exec goes - dang the OSCARS have gone desi!! From BEYONCEs booty to PINK GHAGRAs
  • a whole cross section of folks - ecstatic for the SLUMDOG from MUMBAI!! <YES WE WON>
  • a recession sick rockstar <NO MORE CONCERTS.... AND NO NEWS COVERAGE EITHER>
  • a sales guy RELISHING chulbuli imli <GUYS EATING IMLI THESE DAYS.....>
  • a dude (wannabe) sitting in his boss' chamber and playing games... and then updating it on his FB profile.... I wonder what the BOSS would say if he was on FB too.<I WISH THE BOSS KNEW>
  • a photography young lady is in paradise <I WISH.......>


i never saw it like that. :-) i mean the status updates.

quite enthralling i say.

lol!! Nice list of updates. Yeh Fb status updates totally rock. The one sentence says it all.

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