Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

random rambling

All our thoughts...
all our words...
each and every action that we partake in.

There is a consequence.
Some natural, some unnatural.
But we must live the results.
It’s up to us to become a become a worked out relic with no future whatsoever.

Or we can choose to leave a legacy. Something that will weather time and some more time. It’s not about leaving a taj mahal or a pyramid behind. It’s about some values, a handful of right actions and a thought process that live on.
DO we go with instinct or stay with time and tested practicality? The medicine of one age is the poison of another (and vice versa).

I spent the entire day in bed nursing an injured back and wondering where this is going.
I performed my routine chores, attended to a few important issues at office and felt like I had been at work without leaving my bed. It was actually quite depressing.
I know i can't travel to work on Saturday - and I hate thinking that i'm gong to be a bottleneck!!! 

Oh baby you'l be fine soon...just some rest is what is needed :)

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