Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


i've always wanted to be a hero....
... the type that come with a devil may care attitude
... the one who walks with an attitude
... the one who is modest and brave
... the one who has to kill... for the right reason
... who is a law unto himself
... who has the girls fawning and the guys go green with envy when they hear his name
... who is unaffected by the crap around him
... who might go to heaven one day with a clean conscience.

Sadly... I'm none of the above!
I'm just a normal guy with dreams.

Your my hero :)

awwww we are all heroes in our own way and we just don't know it. how do u know that maybe there are tons of people who look at you and think "damn i wanna be just like him" or " i envy what he made out of his life and everything he has." :-)

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