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25 random things about me

This is not an easy tag that Kavita sent my way.
For starters - it's not easy to classify things as being "RANDOM" about oneself.

I hate to think of myself as random. I believe all things gave a purpose. So here goes...
  1. I like canines more than humans.
  2. I play with LEGO at this age.
  3. I can go to any length to get that perfect shot off on the camera.
  4. I received training in Western dancing from JJ Rodrigues..... but never took it further!
  5. I find it hard to expect pain when it is expected of me. But then there are times when it just flows out.
  6. I was a deep introvert once - used to feel tongue tied and shy around women!
  7. I used to leave hidden valentines day cards in mail boxes... signed off as "Invisible Admirer".. during my stay in Hyderabad Estate in Mumbai.
  8. I got high at this party and proposed to my Girlfriends roommate. Then realizing my mistake - i cam back and told my GF that i'd done this as a joke to see her reaction. She was not to take her seriously. I lied. I meant every word.
  9. Girls & women have got me in and out of every adventure / shithole in my life.
  10. I learned cooking as a chore - but now I relish it.... even at 2am!
  11. I get caught every time I try to lie. The joker within comes to the fore and this silly grin plays across the face.
  12. I love gadgets - but I can't drive... and I don't think I ever will..
  13. I miss mumbai and though we are settled in Delhi now - i would give up a lot of things to get back to my favorite city.
  14. I would binge on shopping to get over depressing periods in life. Drinking never worked for me.
  15. I never thought I'd get married- no girl would fit the bill and vice versa - now I wonder how time flies.
  16. Every time I read / hear about injustice - I fume up and secretly wish that I had a gun to take the law into my own hands.
  17. My only visible identification mark - the scar - is given my sibling at the age of 7
  18. I love kids and wish there were a ton of them around me - i lose my sense of impatience with them
  19. I'm obsessed with maintaining records
  20. I love being bald.... i feel it sets me apart from the rats in the race
  21. I love to RUN, when I can walk..... and then I'm clumsy!
  22. I dream... a lot... and sometimes I remember them too.
  23. I never give up on a relationship... and it hurts me when others do. I bend backwards then - but its never enough!
  24. I'm pushy at trying to get things done - but i keep trying to be the nice guy! Sometimes I fall flat on both fronts!
  25. Leave me alone in my room - with my computer, some beer, my camera , games and the internet.... and you wouldn't know that I existed.

Interesting stuff, Arjun! 'Obsessed with maintaining records'...hehe! :)

yeah..i kinda like to think of myself as a historian!!

I totally agree with the last one :P

i kinda knew you would!!
I am the silent one

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