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It's like the title says...


I yearned for the sun, the sand and the 1 woman in the pic....That is Supriya during our honeymoon in Goa between the sand castle in the foreground and the setting sun in the background.
Yes - i know -Then I married her!!
But everyday feels like a new day - when we must fight,care,understand and love each other some more. It's like she reveals a new facet each day.... some part of her that I missed when I last looked.
Life is like this bubble... reflecting all around, a safety net within - yet so fragile. It's good while it floats

What do you mean by - "then I married her?"

Explain plz

Well.. i mean - I yearned for her.. i got her.....marriage = getting what one wants (in this case)

Lovely pics Arjun.

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