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Who am I???

This is a little exercise I did last night. Trying to create that one page about myself.

I am a god fearing person who does not cheat others.
I am an extrovert
I am a person who does his job passionately
I am a manager
I am a writer who likes to keep track of things.
I am a learner who applies himself.
I am a photographer
I am a creative designer
I am a person who likes to be in the limelight and not backstage.

WHAT TURNS ME ON ABOUT each of the above?
- I can speak with a clean heart and an honest face to those around me. It is better to be frank and blunt than a polite cheater. I call a spade a spade. Sometimes it may not be what the patient wanted - but thats what the doctor ordered.
- New ideas, new feeling, something new when I meet people and interact with them. Gives me something to think about and get ideas galore. If I can't be the inventor - the people I meet can help me become the innovator.
- I am what I do. My job reflects on me as a person. So it is personal. I look for that extra bit that'll make my results better. When I photograph I try to use the  best angles, trying the shot again and again - till I get it right. Then there's still scope for more. When i analyze, I go deep - looking for the root cause - no matter how funny it sounds at first. When I woo a woman - i do it whole heartedly - whether I get lucky or not.
- Being in charge and getting things done. There was a time that I had to do all of it myself. Now I can delegate the mundane and do the newer stuff myself. It feels good to be in charge - of my life - and managing it.
- Keeping a record of what I did via my blog and newsletters helps me remember what I did good/bad. It helps me interact with others as I keep them updated on my life and share my views with them.
- The fact that there is a skill out there that I don't have - but if I had it - it would make a positive difference in my life. So I find out more about it and figure out how to use it  in my life and work. I figured I could use an SMS from my team to keep me updated - tried it and found it useful. Then I learned web designing - so I could tell the world that I was around.
- Catching scenes that others may have missed out on. To be able to find meaning and a different point of view. Every detail tells a story. So every time I use that camera - there is a story that comes to my mind that I can write about or think.
- Creation of something which is appreciated.
- I like to know people - and for them to know me, my work and my life. It's not about being crazy for publicity - but knowing when to step up and when to back down. Even backing down can be done with a public grace.

 Doing something new
 Learning from people and situations
 Interacting with people - leading them / managing them
 Applying myself.

Neat. What would be even more interesting is to do a check on this every few years and see what's changed.

Thanks J
That's the general idea.

interesting. perfectionst aren't you? :-)

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