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It's like the title says...

A week in Dubai!

I'm just not feeling so organized today. I kinda feel like i'm being swarmed.... not swamped!!
So many things to do... no shortage of time - but the mental unease of leaving it for tomorrow.
This is me .. after a week in Dubai!

This was an interesting experience.... for the following reasons!
  • I met lots of folks that I'd never have met usually - since we were part of a tour group (for the Arab Lab exhibition)
  • I was alone in a foreign country for the first time - my brothers got back after day 3
  • I had my first bout of illness in a foreign land... got off at the intersection and upped everything... from dinner to breakfast :-) They will now have a traffic signal in Bur Dubai named after me.
  • I got my first Harley Davidson hat and L series Lens.
  • Attended my first belly dance... (not my belly though)
  • Observed what happens to obese gulabjaamuns... when they're kept outside for 2 days and more
  • Got stopped at every immigration counter cos' my face and the passport pic donot match up (at all). The best bit being the guy at the EXIT IMMIGRATION counter in Dubai made me take off my spectacles, got up and looked deeply into my eyes.... before stamping me through.
  • Went to an aquarium after ages.... and a diamond shop.... after decades!!
  • Saw the economic situation there .. and felt nice... that I have a job!!
  • Went to a duty free... and didn't do BESERKER shopping
  • Was extremely well behaved during the trip... even by my own standards!! (My mommy gave me a good upbringing - I guess)
I will be putting up pics soon from another source... since the office has now gone ahead and blocked BLOGGER too!!

Blocked Blogger maane?

I dunno. Even now I'm accessing it from my mobile. This is seriously crazy and I know that it's been done specifically for me since I'm the only blogger here.

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