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Rab ne kaise banyi ye jodi?

Supriya dragged me for this one.
I'd rather have seen GHAJINI.... I'd have suffered memory loss and forgotten about it after 15 minutes!
We'd have seen Ghajini too... if the tickets hadn't been in separate rows.

Anyways...i went nuts watching this one dipped in SUGAR syrup.... the sweet lass in winsome and hurting. The boy is loving and sacrificing. The hairdresser had a difficult childhood. The guys at PUNJAB POWER work off laptops and can switch off the city lights on request.... to spell out the 3 words that can drive a marriage on the rocks!! The Wife cannot recognize her own husband without the moustache. (My wife would know me in the dark with or without hair). She cannot get the dudes voice either. So they dance and prance and do all the things that wannabe lovers do.

But she asks god one question - show me RAB!
presto - husband is RAB.... I mean he was just about to get rubbed out... and now he's GOD!!
She isn't even angry when the truth becomes known - hey either way - whether it is Mr.Suri... or Raj... the same fella gets lucky (and the woman too).

I doubt if RABji had anything to do with this jodi!
In the words of one of my  FB friends - this is an unholy nexus between SRK, Adi Chopra and the folks on the reality shows.. BEWARE!!!

Apart from the funny stuff written above - I do believe that he's picked up a subject in  the grey zone.
It lets the mind wander and ask the question - WHAT IF????
Would you play with fire?

we saw ghajini last night! Its terrible...worse than RNBDJ...swear!

Hey its not my fault that tickets weren't available for Ghajini...

And I still fail to understand how the woman could not recognise her own husband cuz he was in tight jeans n no moustache

TY chandni.. I'll take your word for it... and save us some moolah!!!!

SMM - would you recognize me in tight jeans minus my moustache??

What do you think arjun?

*My wife would know me in the dark with or without hairMy wife would know me in the dark with or without hair*


Great one.
Something in me told me not to watch RNBDJ so went for Ghajini instead

haha funny!

I hvnt seen Gahjini yet but I've seen its Tamil version long time ago. I didnt like it all that much.


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