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It's like the title says...

One night out...

I wonder why I love travelling, yet miss home so much when i'm out of it.
I spent a night out at Agra on work and then a dusty crowded day in Aligarh. It's been a bumpy road back to my dwelling place. The phone's almost out of juice and I'm typing on its last legs.
It's been a hectic 36 hours since my journey started. But I love this pressure of the job as long as I don't have to call in and report on an hourly basis. The weather has been chilly but I've donned my trusty hoody and it keeps the top warm. Ihad some amazing veg and non-veg food in Agra. Didn't have time for food in Aligarh - so our distributor got us filled up on fruits. Every trip teaches me a few things- this time I learned to smile and listen.. To angry customers. Accepting our faults helps smoothens the discussion

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