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MTV Roadies - going down under

The diabolical twins - baldy bros are at it.
They can pull down anyone - boy or girl... Or even in between.

Their profession is nastiness- under the guise of testing folks. They're looking for the right attitude and interesting personalities. But their methods - sadistically funny at times - inspire me to get up and wallop them.
I know most of the applicants are like PAPPUs who don't deserve to be there.
But these two take the cake... They even slapped a couple of guys.
Wait till I meet them in a dark alley......

thats the thing about reality shows isn't it? you would love to protest against the way the contestants are being treated except the contestants themselves don't seem to mind...

the worst one i've sen so far is one where 15 women compete on tv to be the wife of some random guy...

I know they don't voice their opinions but it is still lowdown and demeaning behavior

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