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Facebook is BLOCKED

Ok - so the big garangutan that I report to - finally got facebook blocked - specifically for me.
I was the only user of FB in this setup.

So now it's personal.
But I have sworn to take this piece of vendetta and shove it up his piles infested arse!!
I shall now be on FB... via different medium.. especially at work...
Please feel free to disturb me at work..... and if any of you want to leave messages for him.... you may please post it on my wall..... or on this blogpost!!

DOWN WITH AUTOCRACY.... LONG LIVE FACEBOOK MOBILE AND ... my soon to be procured USB modem... for FACEBOOKING at work!!!

Off with the head

Let's get him guillotined !! :D

They did that in our office too, with Orkut before FB became a craze.

Such autocrats should be taught a thing or two about time management. I mean, why can't a person juggle between work and FB at the same time?! I'm serious.

you go boy! FB kinda rules and these freakin office 'watch watevers' do not..and i say DO NOT have the rights to do what they do...block! i mean dont they have a real 'job' than to go around in their virtual space spying on who does what??? well i say he must be watching porn... :P...

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